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Location: Conroe, TX, USA
School: the gateway academy
Field of Study: Diploma


Lauren Shano
22925 Mirmar Estates Court
Conroe, TX 77385

I am a certified groomer and have experience with working with both cats and dogs. I have had to perform
many different tasks over the years while working with animals and developed the skill sets that come
along with it. I do great with helping others as a team as well as being able to work well independently.

● Basic first aid and medical administration
● Cleaning and organization
● Recognizing animal behavior
● Multitasking

February - October 2019
Petco Pet Groomer,Texas
● Grooming and bathing dogs
● Booking appointments and answering phones
● Cleaning tools, kennels and workspace
August - November 2018

Terri’s Dog Styling School, Iowa
● Received Certification to groom and style both cats and dogs
● Taught animal safety, first aid, and medicine distribution
● Leaned all AKC standard breeds and cuts

August 2013 - May 2016
The Gateway Academy, Texas
● High School Diploma

lauren shano