Lars Nordstrom Resume
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Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
School: UCSC
Field of study: Film/Digital Media

Lars Nordstrom Resume

Lars (Alex) ------------ |------------ | San Francisco, CA | ------------
Bachelor of Arts: Film and Digital Media
University of California, Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, CA
BA Film/Digital Media September, 2017 | June, 2021
Work Experience.
Digital Accomplice Oakland, CA Production Assistant June 2018 | August 2018
– Drove to shoots and helped set up equipment for interviews. Shadowed team members as they
collected B-roll. Learned Interviewing techniques. Organized and labeled footage.
UCSC Dining Santa Cruz, CA Cashier/Food Service September, 2017 | April, 2019
– Worked in a fast-paced dining hall serving thousands of people per day. Worked in the dish room,
customer service, and Cashiering where I counted and handled money for the duration of my shift.
Adobe Premiere Pro Comfortable creating seamless sequences and capable of creating motion
Photography 5+ years photographing with DSLR cameras, able to properly light and balance shots.
Filming 10+ years of filming experience. Understand framing, lighting, how to properly manually
expose shots.
Collaborative and Creative Skills Work great in teams and able to generate new ideas to support
projects. Great at communicating with others and open-minded.
Video Showcase
Includes 3 videos that showcase my shooting/interviewing/editing skills. ------------