Krista Simpson, All Roles are Sacred
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Location: Taylorville, IL, USA
School: University of Illinois at Springfield
Field of Study: Sociology and Cultural Anthropology

Krista Simpson, All Roles are Sacred

Krista Simpson
All Roles Are Sacred

Looking for: Remote Work in Any Role for a Humanitarian/ Philanthropic Company
Creative, energetic, and positive bachelor of arts grad with a background in customer service and
spa & wellness. A self-motivator looking for an opportunity to work for a company who makes a
positive difference and whose mission and values are in alignment with my own. I'd be honored to
take on any role in a company if they are truly a force for good- all roles are sacred in the pursuit
of a more loving world.

Skills & Qualities:
Positive & Proactive Self Starter
Calm & Focused Under Pressure
Proactive Problem Solver
Grounded, Kind, and Straight-Forward
Background in Customer Service
Strong Organizational Skills & Attention to
Comfortable Working Both Independently &
In Teams
Skilled Multi-Tasker
Strong Writer/ Story Teller
Basic Understanding of Online/ Social Media
Confident in Ability to Become Successful in
New-To-Me Job (Online/Remote
Organizational Role or Online
Customer-Based Communication Role)
Very familiar with Wordpress/ Website
Creative and Artistic
Strong Graphic and Visual Sense
Empathetic & Intuitive

Work History
Spa Attendant, Reiki Therapist, 01/2019 to 02/2020
Zero Gravity Institute – Austin, TX
At Zero Gravity, I worked the front desk and was in charge of welcoming guests, having them fill
out any necessary paperwork/waivers, and guiding them through their entire float experience from
beginning to end, being a comforting, relaxing, and informative presence for them. I answered
phones, booked appointments, managed time slots, and communicated with massage and reiki
therapists. I, myself, was also a contracted reiki therapist, and took care of clients on an on-call
basis. The owners eventually leased out the space next door where they held yoga classes and large
spiritual ceremonies, which I frequently helped to host.
After 6 months of working at Zero Gravity, I received a raise and took on the responsibility of
taking care of their nightly a weekly books on the program Quickbooks. Overall, working at Zero
Gravity was life-affirming and fulfilling. The only reason I left was to move back home for the year
of 2020 to live with my mother who had just lost her husband. Otherwise, I'd have been happy to

Reiki Practitioner, 12/2016 to Current
Self Employed
I offer reiki sessions in my spare time, working from home or traveling to clients' homes. These
sessions include essential oil aromatherapy, crystal healing therapy, reiki energy healing, and
spiritual counseling and support. Covid has temporarily slowed the number of these sessions for
me as a public business, but I continue to offer them more frequently to close family and friends.

Server, 05/2005 to 08/2018
Angelo's Pizza – Taylorville , IL
Supervisor: Braden Fleming,------------
I worked as a server at Angelo's Pizza in my home town off and on for 12 years. I had a very
symbiotic relationship with this employer. Throughout my twenties, I would often move or travel,
but when I found myself back in my home town, they would always take me in with open arms. To
them, I was a strong server and an uplifting presence, and to me, they were a source of stability and
familiarity when I was in transition.
While at Angelo's, my duties were akin to that of any server job. I greeted customers kindly,
showed them to their seats, and promptly took their drink order, answering any questions they
might have about the menu. I took and placed their order and checked on them often. I served their
food and was positive and prompt when dealing with any complaints. I was extremely efficient,
and multi-tasked well. I loved being around people and having the opportunity to bring an
uplifting and light energy to them during their mealtime. I always made sure that my customers
left happy and satisfied with their experience.
Overall, through this job, I learned about the importance of teamwork, reliability, positivity, what
customer service really means, and how to take a challenging situation and turn it around to make
sure that all parties involved are satisfied with the outcome. I have learned an incredible amount of
tolerance and understanding in terms of human nature and respect for others. I have learned to not
take things personally and see the good in everyone. I have grown confident in my ability to
change a person's disposition simply by using empathy, understanding, and effective

Manager, Cake Decorator, 12/2011 to 12/2013
A Piece O' Cake – Taylorville, IL
Owner, Manager- Donna Lowe,------------
A Piece O' Cake is a business created by my mother that for two years served the small town of
Taylorville, IL with creatively decorated cakes, cookies, and other confections for all occasions. It
was my mother, Donna's, passion and hobby that turned into a business idea after the local
bakery's business space became available for rent. My mother hired me as a baker, cake and
confection decorator, and a manager. Given my creative talents, attention to detail, customer
service skills, and the trust she had in my character, she knew that I would be a perfect fit to help
her build the business.
My mother and I created the entire menu for A Piece O' Cake. We tried out recipe after recipe,
tweaking things when needed and scrapping what didn't work. The menu continuously evolved,
changing according to each season but keeping popular items on the menu. Every holiday brought
on a new opportunity to come up with innovative and on-trend ideas for cake pops, cookies, etc.
that reflected our creativity and uniqueness, as well as the particular season or holiday.
I designed the logo for A Piece O' Cake, and designed business cards and the sign out front. I was
in charge of creating cupcake/ cake displays within the store as well as decorating the customer's
area according to each season or holiday. I also handled photography and managed social media
marketing as well as word of mouth.
My time at A Piece O' Cake was an incredible wake-up call as to what it takes to start and run a
successful business. A strong passion is necessary to push through all of the hours that are required
to get the business running and successful. Luckily, the creative freedom I had as a manager/
co-creator here kept me going. My mother and I were a great team. She did the bulk of the
consistent cake orders for events and handled the finances, and I provided great support by taking
care of in-house items available for walk-ins, creating new menu items according to changing
seasons, and taking care of design work and marketing endeavors.
A Piece O' Cake was a successful company, but due to the long and exhausting hours, my mother
decided to sell the business to another young lady wanting to create a successful bakery in
Taylorville. My mother knew that I had other passions that I wanted to pursue, and she recognized
the importance of work/life balance and did what was best for her spiritual and mental health at
the time. Nonetheless, the skills and wisdom I acquired through this experience, not to mention the
respect for and closeness I gained with my family during this time, made this a life-enriching

Higher Education
Bachelor of Arts: Sociology And Cultural Anthropology, 2017
University Of Illinois At Springfield - Springfield, IL
Graduating with a double major in Sociology and Cultural Anthropology at UIS provided me with
an incredible wealth of knowledge, experiences, and skills that have carried through to the real
world in many ways. UIS gave me the opportunity to study abroad and travel through Europe for
seven months in 2015, which gave me a face-to-face, real life experience of other cultures and ways
of life.
My Sociology & Cultural Anthropology studies gave me a down to earth understanding of human
nature and and how to relate to other cultures without judgment. I learned how to view other
cultures from an objective viewpoint, temporarily suspending my own culture's norms, taboos, etc.
in order to gain a greater respect and understanding of another's, especially indigenous cultures. I
came to understand that an objective, daily life understanding of another's culture is completely
necessary for effective international/intercultural communications.
Along with this open-minded understanding to different cultures and first hand travel experience,
attaining my degree taught me to see myself through a long and difficult undertaking until
completion. I gained self worth and confidence throughout my years of attaining my degree.

Usui Reiki Level I, II, & III- Reiki is a holistic healing modality consisting of therapeutic touch
and energy healing. It is a means of relaxation that allows for healing in mind, body, and spirit.
Being a reiki practitioner has opened my eyes to the holistic nature of the human body, and the
need for complimentary healing in our fast paced culture.
Ordained Minister- I became inspired to become an ordained minister through my strong
faith and spirituality. Being an ordained minister gives me the opportunity to perform
marriages, baptisms, and funerals.
In Process: 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Certification- I am currently working on this
certification remotely through Samadhi Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, India. It is both live and
self-paced, and I hope to finish by the end of December 2020.

Personal Interests
I am very interested in spirituality and culture, travel, holistic health, nutrition, and yoga. I have a
budding interest in sustainable living and primitive survival skills, and hope to have my own piece
of land one day to make my sustainability dreams happen.
I am also very creative and have skills in acrylic canvas painting, jewelry making, cake decorating,
DIY projects, interior design & decorating, basic sewing, drawing, website design, etc. I love taking
on and learning new skills.

Braden Fleming,------------
Manager at Angelo's Pizza
Carol Johnson,------------ or ------------
Owner and Manager at Zero Gravity Float Spa/Zero Gravity Yoga & Wellness
Ryan Griffiths,------------
Friend, English Professor, University of Illinois at Springfield
Valeri Durbin,------------
Aunt, Elementary School Teacher, Reiki Client, Reiki Level III

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