Katrina Holstrom-Rollinson Resume
International Relations
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
University: Boston Univerisity
Major: International Relations

Katrina Holstrom-Rollinson Resume

Jul. 2019 – Present
Los Angeles, CA
Writer’s Collective Mentee, Entity Magazine
Completed rigorous rotations in search engine optimization (SEO), digital PR/linkbacks, graphic design, social media packaging and personal essays. Pitched, wrote, and published articles in AP style on ENTITY’s website using Wordpress
Developed a paid marketing campaign and presented to ENTITY executives
Participated in mock board meetings, networking mixers and mentoring sessions
May. 2018 – Present
London and San Francisco, CA
Research and Program Manager, EuroFinance, the Economist Group
Conducted high level research for the content team for use in white papers, conference
agendas, online news and external marketing campaigns. Met regularly with senior finance professionals within Facebook, Uber, Square, Salesforce, Netflix, Cisco and more to determine their global risk, investment, liquidity and growth strategies. Conducted research on the future of financial services with banks, Fintechs and
governments. Coordinated the EuroFinance awards program.
Identified and researched relevant companies to be included in a new Fintech Index, an
online tool to help finance professionals solve niche
financial problems.
Jan. 2018 – May. 2018
Boston, MA
Campus Brand Ambassador, Bumble
Organized campus events and stunts such as Easter egg hunts, merchandising
promotions at major university events and partnering with various campus social groups
to promote the brand. Organized a Valentine's Day party at local nightclub.
May. 2017 – Aug. 2017
London, UK
Research and Editorial Contributor, EuroFinance, the Economist Group
Undertook research trips to talk to corporate CFOs and treasurers as well as Fintech
companies during three research trips to Singapore, Seattle and San Francisco. Wrote articles for which I interviewed well-known personalities like Pippa Malmgren and
Brett King. Specialized research in topics such as banking disruption, Fintech and economic trends.
Jul. 2016 – Sep. 2016
London, UK
Marketing and Social Media Intern, WeShop
Grew the company's following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as
introducing them to marketing via Snapchat (resulting in an increase over six weeks
from 400 social media followers to 33k). Direct presentations to C-Suite.
Designed and led a brand ambassador program for UK college campuses to promote
growth among this demographic.
Jul. 2015 – Sep. 2015
London, UK
Communications Intern, Hanover Communications
Contacted parliamentary members for meetings and support of selected Hanover clients. Part of the team promoting the company 23andme in the UK to improve its brand.

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