Kate Pietrzyk Resume
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Location: Malibu, CA, USA
School: San Diego State University
Field of study: Business Administration Marketing

Kate Pietrzyk Resume

Kate Pietrzyk
Malibu, CA.

Education al Background

San Diego State University May 2022
Business Administration Marketing Major
• Current GPA: 3. 62

Professional Development

Fridge m ateZ Startup 2020 -present
Social Media Marketing Assistant
• Liaison between the company and consumers to better educate the company’s
goals and strategies
• Writ e blog posts related to company’s goals with purpose of reaching new
custome rs
• Create articles from infographics created in order to better encompass a greater
understanding of purpose
• Interrelate articles and infographic s to effectively create readable, linkable posts to
“pin” on Pinterest
• Use Pinterest to effectively reach a b road range of target audience, developing social
content to communicate with followers

Residential Education at San Diego State University 2019 -2020
Residential Advisor
• Helped create a safe and comfortable atmosphere for first -year college students to
• Worked with other staff members to ensure safety and security at the residential
• Created programs that taught college students different skills and knowledge
essential to college life and life thereafter
• Presented a mentor figure for many residents to be able to discuss their personal
• Helped students with their academic, social, and physical stress issues

Office of Housing Administration at San Diego State University 2019 -2020

Desk Assistant/Security Monitor
• Helped to ensure the safety and security of fellow students in living spaces
• Communicated with other team members to create an enjoyable, welcoming
• Used online systems to organize and effectively communicate time sched ules, needs,
and suggestions

City of Malibu Pool Summers 2014 -
Seasonal Lifeguard/Private and Public Swim Instructor
• Collaborated with other coworkers to ensure the safety and security of the area
• Created a safe and welcoming atmosphere on the pool deck
• CPR and First Aid certified
• Proficient at in/out of water rescues
• Taught introduction to children ages 2 -10years
• Assisted in creating a safe, fun atmosphere for children fearful of the water,
achieving water comfortability in the water within tw o weeks
• Led groups of 2 -6 kids at a time, managing their tempers, energy, and anxiet y
Community Engagement

Varsity Swim Team, Malibu High 2014 -2018
Team Member/Captain
• Presented a very prominent leadership role for 35 team members
• Achieved team captain status in 2018

Varsity Cross Country Team, Malibu High 201 5-2018
Team Member
• Worked as a team to achieve one goal, communicating effectively with each other

Varsity Track Team, Malibu High 201 4-201 6
Team Member
• Collaborated with team members to create an engaging and energetic group

Los Angeles County Junior Lifeguard 2008 -
Team Member
• Exercised tirelessly to achieve a physical and mental goal
• Presented myself as a main leader for my groups, motivating and encouraging them
when it got difficult
• Performed trial CPR and First Aid, and made multiple water rescues