Kamaria Bush Resum
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Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
School: North Carolina A&T
Field of Study: Biology

Kamaria Bush Resum

Aerotek (Quest Diagnostics) Lab Technician
​B.S in Biology c/o 2019
Schaumburg, IL (​2020) ● Performed molecular PCR laboratory tasks of centrifuging and pipetting human specimens, printing labels,
recording data, specimen storage and retrieval.
● Loaded and monitored Panther machines in a precise and accurate fashion, to assist the laboratory professional staff and to facilitate production.
● Performed QA/QC duties as assigned US Census Bureau
● Collected census data by doing interviews door-to-door.
● Recognized and gave an account of problems in obtaining data.
● Reviewed data gathered from an interview to check if they are complete and accurate.
● Submitted completed tasks to a supervisor and discuss developments daily.
Illinois​ (2020)
RYB Kindergarten
English Teacher Beijing, China (​2019- 2020)
● Created lesson plans and outlines to achieve weekly classroom goals
● Executed in-class activities that targeted vocabulary, speaking, phonetics, reading and writing for ages 4-6
● Focused on the development of fluency, grammar and pronunciation of students
Randstad (The NPD Group)
Data Entry Operator R​ osemont, IL​ (2019)
● Reviewed data and user generated information for accuracy
● Added and updated contact and location information for the companies in the database
● Entered information into Excel and ran Python to generate Excel .cvs files
Data Science Analysis Program
Student Researcher ​Greensboro, North Carolina (​2017-2019)
● Analyzed data from metagenomics experiments and studies
● Ran raw scientific data through analyst program such as R Statistic
● Presented research at local and national research symposiums
International Research Experiences for Students Summer Program
Student Trainee ​Nanjing, China​ (2018)
● Implemented machine learning algorithms such as KNN to address challenges in facial recognition project
● Troubleshot on MATLAB, Python, R Statistics and deciding the best programming language to create
● Conducted data collection, conversion and understanding of data structure & contents
● Presented oral presentations and wrote a final project report.
NC A&T Office of Student Development
Volunteer Coordination Intern ​Greensboro, North Carolina​ (2019)
● Served as an office assistant for Associate Director for Student Development
● Answered and redirected calls, took messages for the Associate Director
● Created community based volunteer opportunities for student at North Carolina A&T SU
● Organized, logistically planned and delegated task to student volunteers
Thrive Women’s Empowerment Organization
President ​Greensboro, North Carolina​ (2018-2019)
● Lead division leadership and full body in tasks, responsibilities, meetings, and programs
● Organized monthly bonding activities for mentees
● Created, updated, and communicated changes to the Thrive Master Calendar

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