Jordan Humphrey Resume
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Location: Provo, UT, USA
School: Byui
Field of Study: Comp sci

Jordan Humphrey Resume

Jordan Humphrey
319 East 100 North Provo, UT 84606
Cell: ------------ ------------
Passionate leader proficient in administration, intermediate computer skills, and customer service and management in a service and retail environment. I have been working since the age of 14, and I am looking to turn those 12 years of job experience into a career. Hard work has gotten me this far in life and hard work is what I plan to give.
Confident in my ability to assess a situation I have been earning my own way
and take appropriate action. throughout my life with hard work
and determination. I know hardship
6+ years as a Lifeguard taught me how to respond and how to overcome it.
quickly and calmly in crisis. I also learned how to
care for the safety of others in a service environment.
I am willing to learn. I am excited to
Very comfortable with forward-facing jobs. learn. I love the challenge new situations
I love people and feel at ease in public situations. present, and I am always ready to meet
that challenge.
I have a personal background with computer
hardware, and I am taking steps to further my I find joy in problem solving. It gives me
base understanding of software, and coding. immense satisfaction to be given a
problem and work it through to the end.
I am great at taking direction and can transition
direction into being a self-sufficient team player. 8+ years in the service industry has taught
me many things, including staying cool
3+ years of managerial experience has helped me under pressure, how to meet public
become and confident leader deadlines, how to communicate
with my team and with the people I am
I am highly adaptable, the same job can be done in serving, and how to admit and learn from many ways and I am very comfortable with change my mistakes.
to accommodate new direction or new priorities.

Personal Achievements/Experience

After being voted captain of my collegiate ultimate frisbee team, I organized and worked to make our club a sanctioned sport by Murray State University.

I have led and organized multiple philanthropy events for the humane society and fundraising events for my clubs and sports throughout high school and college with great success.

Work Experience

Residential Manager
June 2020 - April 2021
Chrysalis – Provo, UT
Oversee staff maintain the home and care of individuals with disability. Create a schedule and coach team on proper care for each individual. Record and collect data on the individual to further their care. Attend and lead meetings to keep the team up to date on individuals.

Assistant Manager
October 2019 to April 2020
GameStop – Newburgh, IN
Shift manager, Opening and closing store responsibilities, receive/stock new inventory and ship overstock. Retail sales and customer support. Screening of potential employees.

Shift Lead
November 2018 to July 2019
Papa John’s – Rexburg, ID
Shift manager, Opening and closing store responsibilities, handle customer issues on phone or in store, make and deliver pizza.

Flex Employee
November 2016 to September 2017
Tap 216 - Murray, Ky
Covered shifts for any employee, this included servers, bar backs, bussers, cooks, and bouncers.

Departmental Secretary
August 2015 – August 2016
Murray State Psych Dept. – Murray, Ky
Receptionist, in charge of petty cash and collection of alumni donations, kept department storage stocked and organized. Troubleshooting Professor computer equipment.

May 2008 – August 2015
City of Evansville Parks Dept.. –Newburgh, IN
Shift lead, community and local business outreach to plan catering parties and free samples.

Catering Manager
May 2013– May 2015
Jimmy John’s. –Newburgh, IN
Shift lead, community and local business outreach to plan catering parties and free samples.

Shift Lead
December 2010– December 2012
Spuds N’ Stuff. –Newburgh, IN
Shift lead, Opening and closing store responsibilities, handle customer issues on phone or in store.