Job Resume
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Location: Perth Amboy, NJ, USA
School: Bloomfield College
Field of Study: Game Design

Job Resume

Jose Manuel Garcia
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Portfolio Link Reel- ------------/watch?v=8mmJ3F8vkwI
Art Station Webpage- ------------/josemg2556
Proficient 3D modeling and Level Design skills.
Knowledgeable in Unity, Autodesk Maya, Blender, Substance Painter, SideFx Houdini
Small background in special effects.
Enjoys working in teams and collaborating with others.
Pursuing Bachelor of Arts, May 2021

Bloomfield College, Bloomfield, NJ

Major: Creative Arts and Technology Concentration: Game Design

GPA 3.3

Associates in Applied Science Media Arts & Design Gaming and Animation, May 2019 Middlesex

County College, Edison, NJ
Relevant Courses
Game Design Foundations Animation Workshop Game Design WorkShop Group Game Project 2 Capstone Portfolio
Tunnel Project, Game Design Workshop, Spring 2019
Created underground tunnel in Maya
Assembled assets for unity
Added FPS controller
Phantom of Phantasia, Game Group Project 2, Spring 2020
Participated in a four-member team project designing and modeling assets for a medieval game taken over by phantoms.
Phantom of Phantasia by OnyxStar (itch.i), released in May 2020
Turbo Traveler, Senior CapstoneProject, Spring 2021
Participated in a team project designing and modeling assets for a multi-city racing game in a quest to discover who is really driving the car..
Designed cars, cities, and garages
Released in May 2021

ShopRite, Perth Amboy, NJ, June 2017 - present
Assistant Manager
Managed team tasks such as packaging, inventory and order fulfillment
Provided customer assistance