Jason Logan - Freelance Photographer
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Location: Jersey City, NJ, USA
School: New Jersey City University
Field of study: Business Administration - Accounting

Jason Logan - Freelance Photographer

I am the owner and founder of JMT Photography & Media and a freelance photographer. You can view my work at ------------

I’m also employed as a contractor for OCUS ------------ as a food/product photographer. I’ve delivered restaurants menu item photos for Uber Eats and Grub Hub.

Equipment List:

Camera Bodies:

Canon 7D (crop body)
Canon SL2 (crop body)
Canon M5 (crop body)
Canon M6 (crop body)

Crop Lenses:

Canon 10-18mm
Sigma 17-50mm
Fuji 18-55mm
Sigma 16mm
Canon 22mm

Full Frame Lenses:

Canon 50mm
Canon 85mm
Canon 24-105mm