Jackson Begley
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Location: Virginia Beach, VA, USA
School: Regent University
Field of Study: Cinema-Television

Jackson Begley

Professional Summary

Imaginative videographer with a track record that delivers high quality results to an enthusiastic client
base. Able to handle high-stress situations with ease when faced with time crunches and high volume of
work. Adept in working with producers to create cost-effective methods of production. Maintains
professionalism when working with interviewees, actors, and other members of the set.

Core Qualifications

● Experienced with a wide assortment of cameras including RED, Canon, Sony, Panasonic,
and Black Magic brands.
● Proficient in Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Audition.
● Skilled in using a plethora of grip and lighting equipment with professionalism, safety,
and swiftness as well as a wealth of knowledge concerning on-set etiquette.
● Efficiently translates a producer’s vision into something pliable in a timely manner.

Work Experience

Jpixx Freelance Editor and Videographer (June 2020-Present)
Remotely edited corporate videos for several companies for Jpixx LLC. as well as served
a Camera Operator and Audio Recorder on several sets.

Chantel Ray Real Estate Videographer (April 2020-June 2020)
Temporary employee that edited video podcasts, commercials, and real estate spots.
Worked in a small group of collaborators that resulted in camaraderie and fast

Freelance Videographer and Editor (2011-Present)
Works with a diverse client base that always results in a satisfied customer. Operates
alongside actors and company owners to give the best direction, lighting, and editing for
the correct tone of various projects.

Notable Projects
● The Road to Cabazon (2020): Director, Cinematographer on self-produced feature film.
● Rainy Carolina (2018): Cinematographer, Producer, and Editor on feature length film.
● Past Shadows (2020): Editor and Color Corrector on Feature Film.
● Photos in the Rain (2017): Cinematographer, Editor on short form Documentary.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema-Television from Regent University 2018 Virginia Beach, VA