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Location: Daly City, CA, USA
School: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Field of study: Marine Sciences


Gennesee Garcia

Summary of Qualifications
• Passionate marine aquarist with education and experience in maintaining and curating aquarium exhibits
• Reliable and detailed researcher with a history in leading multi -disciplinary teams on remote field studies
• Robust spoken and written science communication skills acquired from training 5 aquarium volunteers in
aquatic life support protocols , lead field researcher , and marine science camp counselor
• Analytical problem solver able to identify and troubleshoot issues both collaboratively and independently

Professional Experience
Resort Host , Thousand Hills Pet Resort 201 9-Present
San Luis Obispo, CA
• Supervise d a team of 3 to complete daily tasks and care for 80+ dogs in 15 holding area s at one time
• Manage d client communications and animal records through Gingr TM software
• Managed animal socializ ation by recalling individual dog details and behaviors to correctly s ocialize dogs
and maximize enrichment
• Administered medications to canines and felines , practicing humane restraint

Aquarist Volunteer, Central Coast Aquarium 2019 -2020
Avila Beach, CA
• Managed and maintained 25 + aquarium exhibits showcasing multiple marine ecosystems
• Managed diet preparation and distribution 75 + organisms
• Identified and c atalogued changes in animal health and behavior and logged supply orders
• Train ed and supervised oth er volunteers in procedures for equipment operation , diet preparation , and
animal handling

Student Researcher, Physiological Ecology of Reptiles Lab 2017 -2018
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo , CA
• Designed and executed comparative field study on interaction behaviors in rattlesnakes and kingsnakes
• Lead team of 3 in field expeditions tracking, cataloguing, and handling king snakes and rattlesnakes
• Managed large ongoing data sets incorporating multiple field sites

Relevant Skills
Research: Reptile husbandry, Canine husbandry, Fish husbandry, Salt water aquarium maintenance , Shark
handling , Animal handling, Project management, Experimental design, Sonication, Confocal Light Microscopy, Cell
count ing , Invertebrate identification

Software: Microsoft Office , Mac iWork , JMP, Gingr TM, GIS

Languages: English, Spanish

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA
Bachelor of Science in Marine Sciences 2014 -201 8

Other Experience
Camp Counselor, Central Coast Aquarium Summer 2019
Avila Beach, CA
• Plan ned and curate d lessons geared toward marine education for students 4 -11 years of age
• Managed 25+ students at any given time
• Observe camper behavior, assess its appropriateness, enforce appropriate safety regulation and emergency
procedures, and apply appropriate behavior management techniques.