Gabriella S Lawson
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Location: New York, NY, USA
School: Syracuse University
Field of Study: Art History

Gabriella S Lawson

Highly motivated, creative, attentive, and hard-working individual.

------------ | ------------ | 174-11 Adelaide Road, Jamaica, NY 11433
Creative and ambitious art history student and self-care enthusiast with a year of studio art practice and four years of art history education. Passionate about the art and fashion industries. Highly motivated and enthusiastic to perform in assistance and executive assistance roles. Excellent customer service and communication skills. Focused on team-building and construct customer loyalty with a relationship-oriented approach.
Syracuse University. Syracuse, NY
Coyne Gallery Exhibition | 04/2018 - 05/2019
• Collaborated with artist-mentor to apply print-making studio practices and implement artist specific technique/technical practice
• Established and maintained productive, professional working relationships amongst other students
• Developed artistic visual products while working within defined technical and material constraints
• Fostered highly communicative, collaborative construction methodology with mentor
• Contributed to creative process through original ideas and inspiration
• Facilitated any requests regarding environment and level art creation process
Syracuse University. Syracuse, NY
Bird Library Exhibition | 09/2017 - 10/2017
• Understand what it means to make art for public spaces or public art
• Anticipated design issues and proved to be proactive in developing effective solutions
• Consulted with three mentors to discuss preferences, styles and ideas reflecting the nature of a specific space
• Performed up to date research of various artistic contemporaries reflecting similar or same methods/ideas
• Created custom drawings and paintings using acrylics and pencil on quality canvas
• Ordered and maintained adequate supply of materials, supplies and equipment
Project Inspiration: The Matrix. Syracuse, NY
(Model Experience) | 10/2017 - 11/2017
• Worked with creative director to determine layout and design for design concept
• Constructed 5 fashion sample garments for creative director
• Provided extensive wardrobe styling to match specific artistic vision
• Evaluated and contributed to creative team ideas and translated into actionable photography project plans
Project Title: Packaged by Aman Kurien. Syracuse, NY
(Model Experience) | 01/2018 - 02/2018
• Altered physical patterns to fit client requirements
• Executed artist vision through wardrobe decisions and pose
• Assisted artist with prop design decisions
• Translated complex concepts and data into compelling visuals
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Title: Dreams & Nightmares: Examining John Flaxman's Penelope's Dream
• Successfully apply knowledge of romantic art elements to an artist's work during this period
• Analyze the use of the sublime as an artistic element
• Research artist during Romantic Period
• Write a clear and concise research paper
MARKETING INTERNSHIP PROGRAM, New York, NY (May 2019-June 2019, Production Haus (Make It!))
• Memorize client sales pitch (IFAW, The Nature Conservancy, etc.)
• Study and apply Marketing skills to the field
• Network with Managers, interns, and full-time associates
• Meet daily quota of potential client stops

CASHIER/CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE, Syracuse, NY (Jan 2017-Aug 2018, CG Plumbing Supply Store)
• Assisted Accounts Payable & Receivable
• Collected money/ manage cash register
• Responsible for providing product information to customers
• Answer Calls, take messages, and handle manger/customer correspondence

REAL ESTATE SECRETARY (Summer 2017-Summer 2018, One Stop Home Service)
• Collected rent
• Documented payment deadlines
• Assisted with legal work
• Secretarial work: filing, phone calls, etc.
• Assisted with managing the financials EDUCATION
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY
Expected in 12/2021
Bachelor of Arts: Art History
GPA: 2.52
• Art History
• Visual communication & literacy
• Excellent communication skills
• Self-motivated work ethic
• Strong analytical skills
• Customer service
• Sales experiences
• Attention to Detail
• Microsoft Word, Power Point, & Excel
• Personable
• Assertiveness
• Time Management skills
• Managing Executive emails
• Filing
• Processing bills and other expenses