Full time permanent nurturing nanny
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Location: Silver Spring, MD, USA
School: University of Maryland
Field of Study: Early childhood education

Full time permanent nurturing nanny

Nicole Owens
Washington DC , 20------------ ------------
Devoted and reliable nanny with 8 years in childcare , caring for children age newborn to 13 years . Highly skilled in infant care with extensive knowledge of safety precautions; feeding techniques; and educational activities to simulate physical , social , cognitive development . Studying for early childhood education at university of Maryland with a flexible schedule , with the completion I'll receive my bachelors of science . I will soon be completed with my CDA courses . I have an excellent driving record . Certified in Cpr , First aid , AED .
Freelance Babysitting , full time / part time 2013/2015
I worked with family ( cousins , nieces , nephews ) Family friends and their children
Worked within the Neighborhood assisting with pick ups and drop offs . All schools were walking distance .
Date nights
Bottle feeding , making snacks Trips to the park and library Housekeeping
Dog walking
Fontanez family , full time mother's helper/ live in
O2/2016 - 10/2018
● Cared for twins aged Newborn for two years Practice Sleep Training

● Created Daily Routine for twins

● as Children grew older I provided development age appropriate
activities focusing on cognitive and language skills

● Developed games and activities using arts and crafts to support learning and verbal skills

● Use of baby sign language
● Basic Spanish
● Made doctors appointments
● Arranged play dates
● Worked in nanny shares
● Outings to parks , trips to the museums .story time at nearby library
● Assisted with light housekeeping duties as well as running
Maintaining a Nanny log and updating parents throughout the day​,
Ehimo Family , ​full time / live out 12/2018 - 05/2020
Since 2018 I've been working on and off with this amazing family due to when my services are needed . From part time to full time and as needed
● Cared for Two Children Aged 1 yr , 6mos
● Engaged with child on an individual basis to build positive relationships
● Created Daily Routine for children
● Educational activities provided by parents
● Completion of Potty Training
Entertain children both indoors and
outdoors,when weather was permissible ( zoo , parks , swimming,
library , play dates , bake
● Bathe children
● Cook and clean for entire family
● Pick up and drop off
Holland family , full time ​/ live out 03/2019 - 06/2019
Cared for two children aged 2.5 , 4 Pick ups and drop offs to school
Promote educational activities throughout the day using arts &’ crafts . Reading
Potty training
Meal prep for family .
Light housekeeping / family laundry Travel to parks and museums

Craig family , full time / live out 07/2019 - 09/2019
Cared for twins , aged 2.5
Arrive at the family's home to make breakfast if parents haven't already.
Stimulate with Morning activities indoor/outdoors , including ( water painting , tending to plants , feeding birds , singing educational songs . Reading
Walk to nearby parks .
Creating daily routines to focus on potty training .
Warm up healthy nutritious meals for children .
Let the dog out back for bathroom use .
age appropriate activities using play doh , paint , crayons , blocks , shapes , arts &’ crafts , color sorting,
Cruzeman family , full time / live out
10/2019 - 12/2019
Cared for One child , Age 2.5 months
Parents set daily routines that were followed throughout the day . Feeding schedule - Produce By Mom -
Practice Sleeping alone with self soothing with check ins , between . Use educational activities parents provided
Daily walks around the neighborhood
Write down intake on food and diaper changes on log chart
Freelance Nanny - ( nanny agency ) full time / part time , 12/2019 - Current
•Agency provided everyday jobs / 35-50hrs a week .
•Safely transported children to and from school, medical appointments and extra-curricular activities
• Provided Back up Care / On Call Care throughout the Years
•Provided developmentally appropriate activities for children

•Organized extracurricular schedules for sports and classes and provided safe transportation to different events

•Helped children complete homework assignments and school projects

• worked arts &’ Crafts
•Assisted with light housekeeping duties as well as running errands

•Made healthy snacks and meals children

•Developed games and activities using arts and crafts to support learning and verbal skills

•Encouraged children to be understanding of and patient with others
 •Promoted language development skills through reading and storytelling •Coordinated field trips to local parks, fire stations and zoos

Taught children everyday skills, including tying shoes, dressing themselves , potty training, 2nd-5th grade math and basic Spanish also some use of sign language
Full time nanny position Hernandez family 06/19 - 10/20
Cared for two kids aged 3months , 3.5 yr old . Started with date nights in the summer time , then continued full time for this year
( Duties include daily Age appropriate developmental activities for both children tummy time , story time , feedings , playtime , nap time . Activities with older child included playtime with toys , painting , playdoh craft , paper art , slime , etc . Practice with tracing letters and numbers , daily reading of bob books , Lunch prep , visit nearby playground , learning some Spanish , spoke baby sign language to younger child
Taking dog out back for bathroom use
University of Maryland - Attending
BS - Early childhood education / Early childhood special education . CDA Courses ( Completing )
Patience , Communication , Organization , Creativity , Problem Solving