Fred Klein resume
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Location: Evesham Township, NJ, USA
School: Wilkes University
Major: Psychology

Fred Klein resume

Federal Air Marshal (Retired)
Professional Summary
41 Longhurst Rd, Marlton, NJ 08053, ------------

Extensive knowledge of security, investigation, and threat response. Administrative, operational, and field leadership in mission-critical endeavors for government and law enforcement agencies both domestically and abroad and in partnership with global crime fighting units.
Veteran of Law Enforcement, Federal Agent: Department of Homeland Security,
Expert of Weapons and Tactics
Recognized expert of security strategy, planning, coordination, execution, policy, procedure, and training in numerous venues.
Excellent physical fitness, Firearms Instructor and weapons trained, Expert in self-defense and defensive maneuvers and Instruction. Adept with conflict resolution; skilled speaker and negotiator as well as capable intermediary for assessing dangerous individuals and diffusing tense situations. Trained in active shooter response.
Quick thinking professional applying cognitive behavioral training to maintain control of social interactivity in crowded venues; use foresight and a ready plan of action to anticipate multiple scenarios.

☰ P R O F E S S I O N A L H I S T O R Y ☰
2001 to 2019 (Retired): Federal Air Marshal- I Band
Federal Air Marshal Service

Counter Terrorism Federal Agent / Senior Federal Air Marshal
Serve with distinction in multiple critical roles of special police force member, team leader, and on special detail for domestic and international tactical operations prioritized through a proprietary threat matrix. Conduct dedicated operations to assess and eliminate global terrorist threats with independent jurisdiction or as a partner to regional and local law enforcement authorities.
Counterterrorism duties include surveillance of criminal activity, documentation of suspects with terrorist ideologies and threat assessment. Detection, apprehension, and questioning of terrorist sleeper cells poised for attack on domestic soil. Work closely with the FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force to track funding sources, enemy movements, flight plans, and deploy teams along routes of travel to intercept/prevent potential incidents. Maintain situational awareness during covert intelligence gathering, surveillance, and counter surveillance to ensure undetectability, safety, and security of individuals and teams. Identify impending threats to mission or civilian safety and detain
Threat Assessment & Response Internal/External Investigations Sophisticated Surveillance Techniques Safeguard High Profile Professionals Protect & Advise in the Public Space Understand Local, State, Federal Law Self Defense & Weapons Protection Damage Control
Conduct interview of potential Federal Agents and conducting initial background investigations on said applicants.


Maintaining a law enforcement presence to prevent security breaches.
Initiate emergency response plan during crises and coordinate critical resources and communications.
Visible Intermodal Protection Response (VIPR)- Coordinated and assisted with the planning of many VIPR details with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to augment the security of the transportation domain.
I was a Firearms Instructor and Self Defense Instructor for the Philadelphia Field Office the first three years of the initiation of said office.
Tactically trained staff for close quarter combat, using live and simulated ammunition.
Trained Federal Air Marshals in federal law enforcement policy and procedures.
Selected as the first Senior FAM in the Philadelphia Field Office - Program established to recognize FAMs who have expertise in flying missions, possess a broad knowledge of the OLE/FAMS mission and operational requirements, serve as role models, and have an excellent work ethic in the performance of OLE/FAMS’ core mission. Conducted interviews and initial background checks of thousands of potential Federal Agents.
Was assigned acting Supervisory Federal Air Marshal on numerous occasions. Requiring me to maintain team integrity, monitor work hours, submit timesheets and monitor mission status.

2000-2001 Employee Development Manager GS-13
Federal Correctional Complex, Fort Dix, NJ
1998-2000 Employee Development Manager GS-12
Special Operations Team Member,
United States Penitentiary and Complex, Lompoc, Ca.

I supervised the initial training of newly hired correctional staff, and the annual refresher training of every staff member along with maintaining position requirements for over 800, Federal Prison staff.
Additionally, As Manager of the Training Department, I provide specialized training to help staff acquire and maintain subject-matter expertise in their functional areas. Under my direction, the department recognized that staff development and leadership training are critical for both individual and agency success. Managers and staff in specialty disciplines face complex challenges in today's environment, and it was our goal to provide training and staff development opportunities for all Federal Bureau of Prisons staff that will facilitate their becoming leaders in their fields. I also supervised computer-based training to ensure continued provision of quality training, while reducing costs.
I continued to Instruct Firearms, Self Defense and Tactical Decision Making classes while a GS-13 Manager.

I was assigned the Duty Officer position on occasion where I was responsible for all administrative decisions of the entire institution of over 4,000 inmates and 800 staff on a rotating basis.

On occasion, I was assigned Acting Associate Warden where I was responsible for all aspects of Institutional procedures for the daily custody operations of a large diversified inmate population and participated in determining short-range operational objectives for institution populations. I Established operational priorities for staff involved in every aspect of inmate security, housing, movement within the institution and transportation requirements. I Served as part of the institutional management team providing input concerning projected maintenance. evaluated budget needs, recommending priorities on a continuing basis. I helped develop and revise standard operating procedures based upon ongoing needs assessments.

Because of my expertise I was selected to conduct audits and program reviews as well as periodic reviews and evaluations of all institution security procedures. Ensuring that policies were being followed by conducting frequent staff meetings with shift commanders and other line and supervisory staff and discussing problems with subordinates as referred through the institutional chain of command.

1990-1993 FCI Fairton (Employee Development Specialist)
1993-1998 FCI Tallahassee, (Employee Development Specialist)

Supervised inmates both male and female, with various security and custody levels including maximum custody and high security. Monitored inmates’ daily activities, watching for unusual behavior, improper conduct, or signs of possible conflict. Patrolled correctional facility to maintain order and prevent escapes. Searched cells, visiting areas, common areas and recreational areas to detect contraband and illicit activities. Conducted counts, performed suicide watch and psychology observation unit duty. Performed first aid and crisis intervention as needed. Transported inmates from to and from Witness Protection Units to other Prisons, Transportation Facilities, and Court Houses.
Conducted background investigations on contract and volunteer staff in order to maintain Institution Security to include, NCIC, NLETS, and interviewing references.

Member of the Special Operations Response Team:
In total, I was a member of a specially trained tactical team that responds to emergencies inside and out of Institutions. The Special Operations and Response Team (SORT) has 15 members which include a security systems expert, a firearms and tactical officer and an emergency medical treatment specialist. As SORT member I had to meet strict academic, psychological and physical requirements. SORTs are highly trained tactical teams capable of responding to prison disturbances and supporting local law enforcement authorities during civil unrest or natural disasters. Additionally, l participated in numerous SWAT competitions throughout the United States.

Supervisor of the Month at both USP LOMPOC, CA Complex and FCI Fort Dix.
Correctional Worker of the Year, FCI Fairton , for the implementation of and activation of a Federal Witness Protection Unit and recognition as a Training Instructor.
Promoted to Senior Federal Air Manager 2005,
Special Act Awards for: Implementing the Training Office at The Philadelphia Field Office, identifying and acting on an Overdose during a flight, and giving medical aid to a tourist experiencing a heart attack in Spain.

SPECIAL TRAINING: Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy (GLYNCO, GA, and ROSWELL, NM) (1990 & 2001) The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation Leadership and Management Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Fraudulent Document training - ICE ,
Defensive Driving, Lead Self Defense Training, Lead Firearms Training,
Certified Federal Flight Deck Officer Instructor.


Bachelor Degree in PSYCHOLOGY 1987
(Deans List& Football)
*GAR High School, Wilkes-Barre, PA 1983
Paul Fearon, Supervisory Federal Air Marshal, Philadelphia, Field Office.
Martin Haibach, Supervisory Federal Air Marshal, Philadelphia Field Office.
Jay Koury, Special Agent in Charge. Newark Field Office.

Security, instructor