Emma Brinton, Resume
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Location: Boise, ID, USA
School: Boise State University
Field of Study: Bachelor of Science (Aquiring)

Emma Brinton, Resume

E m ma B rin to n


AFC Urgent Care ,
Garden City — EMT/ MA

Dec 2020- Feb 2021
My primary job was to swab for COVID- 19. Each patient is swabbed for COVID rapid, COVID PCR, Flu, and Strep. We also offered a blood draw to test for antibodies. We also ran the labs once we have the swabs. Besides COVID testing, I have also drawn blood for testing, ran urine tests, charted, and triaged.

Elmore County Ambulance, EMT
Mountian Home

Sept 2020- Present
I work as an EMT alongside an ALS partner. We respond to 911 calls in our area. We treat patients ranging from medical emergencies to traumas and transport the patient to the hospital.

Roaring Springs Water Park, Meridian — EMT
May 2020 (Seasonal)
I work as the on site EMT in the First Aid Office. EMTs at the park handle any medical situation that may arise at the park which includes anything from bandaids to CPR. They also make the decision on whether higher care is needed for medical situations.

Victory EMS/NEMT, Boise — EMT
July 2019 - April 2020
I drove for non-emergent medical transports and worked PRN as an EMT for the ambulance service. I also did secure transports for patients on police/ hospital holds. Additionally I worked at the Crisis Center in Caldwell through Victory as the standby medical professional.

Payette County Paramedics, Fruitland — EMT Reserve
April 2019 - Feb 2020
We took 911 calls and interfacility hospital transports. Reserves work as a third on the crew and have a list of skills to pass off. The goal as a Reserve is to gain experience and confidence. Reserves can be ‘lead’ on calls and chart the calls as well. They also work events as the standby EMS crew.

Axiom Fitness, Meridian — Kids Club Manager
December 2016 - July 2019
I practiced customer service, had daily cleaning responsibilities, regularly used the cash register, and was expected to know and teach basic first aid. As manager I made the monthly schedule, interviewed, hired, audited, submitted monthly- orders, statistics, and payroll, among other managerial duties.

Big B Lawns and Landscapes, Treasure Valley
May 2013- Oct 2017
As lawn care workers we used machinery such as mowers, edgers, trimmers, and blowers. We used great precision while still working at a fast pace. We also worked on/installed sprinklers, laid sod, and planned and executed landscaping.

Meridian High School, Meridian — Diploma
September 2013 - May 2017
General studies, as well as a few AP courses.

Boise State University, Boise — Health Science Major
August 2017 - Present
Majoring in Health Science, Minoring in Criminal Justice.

College of Western Idaho, Caldwell — EMT
October 2018 - February 2019
This class teaches you what’s necessary to become a certified EMT.

Brandy Funk, AEMT
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Ethan Plummer, AEMT
Phone- (208) 599- 0025

Ryan Thayer, Paramedic
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