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Location: Austin, TX, USA
School: Eanes
Major: Bilingual


Millie Smith
Early Childhood Educator
Austin, TX


Motivated and personable. Skilled at relating to people. Bilingual speaker accustomed to interacting with diverse demographics and eager to learn new skills. Creative and entrepreneurship-driven with the enthusiasm to make things happen even when it seems impossible.
Program Evaluation

Experienced and knowledgeable of program evaluation methodologies.
Child Development

Experience evaluating the development of children from birth through five years old.
Education / Teaching

Skilled in multidisciplinary, multicultural and bilingual educational approaches from birth through elementary school age.
Technical / Certifications
Microsoft Office
Google Docs
Facebook/Instagram Advertising
Texas State EC-4th Teacher Certification 2002-2006 / Nebraska 2006-2008
KIPS 2013 / CITI 2013 / CLASS 2010 / ITERS 2010 / PLS 4&5 2013 / Brackens 2013 / Woodcock Johnson 2009
Fluent in both English and Spanish Languages

Experience Summary
Owner/Founder - Llama Talk, LLC
Hostess/Coordinator - True Food Kitchen Walnut Creek

2019 - Pres.

2019 - 2020
Director - Classical Conversations

2015 - 2016
Home Educator - Full-time Home Educator
Early Childhood Program Evaluator - Munroe-Meyer Institute

2014 - Pres.

2009 - 2014
Dual-Language Teacher - Omaha Public Schools

2006 - 2008
Preschool Dual-Language Teacher - Austin Independent Public Schools

2002 - 2006

Master of Education, Bilingual/Bicultural
Texas State University -- San Marcos, Texas

2002 - 2005

Bachelor of Arts, Communications
Boston College -- Boston, Massachusetts

1998 - 2002

Experience Details
Llama Talk, LLC
Developed Spanish Immersion programs for families and children birth+. Curated immersive experiences for children and families in the Omaha and Bay Area to learn Spanish, experience Latino culture and enjoy community.

Key results:
Executing program from start to finish.
Marketed and advertised summer camps for children ages 3-8.
Developed Excel-based revenue spreadsheet and google forms for registrations.
Recruited teachers and volunteers.
Planning and implementation of lessons.
Collected student enrollment and payments.
Coordinated events, facility, and community networking.
Established communication with a student's parent to summarize experience, concerns, and answer any other questions.

2019 - Present

True Food Kitchen Walnut Creek
Created a front house welcoming presence by modeling excellent customer service by communicating professionally and cordially.
Key results:
Took reservations in person and over the phone. Welcomed and seated arriving guests.
Communicated with the back kitchen to effectively deliver a flawless customer experience at the restaurant.
Oversaw the front house of the restaurant for table availability.
Developed effective customer service communication by resolving customer dissatisfaction or complaints and transferring them over to managers.
Coordinated and delegated responsibilities to team members in a fast paced restaurant environment.
Trained new team members with the goal of developing team members that acquired customer service skills in a fast paced restaurant environment.

2019 - 2020
Classical Conversations
Directed and promoted the Alameda Classical Conversations educational program for children and families by facilitating informational meetings and making connections with potential families.
Key results:
Oversaw the campus facility, budget, payroll, implementation of child care birth-3 years old, and student enrollment.
Child Care program provided care for A- typical and diverse abilities child population 0-3 years old.
Hired, recruited, and trained tutors.
Collaborated with Support Area managers and other area directors.
Planned and launched the Alameda campus from searching for a facility to enrollment.
Home Educator
Full-time Home Educator
Providing a nurturing environment for my four children ages 3-11. Developing multidisciplinary, spiritual, and holistic approaches in a home environment through observations to ensure proper child development and character in order to be a kind contributor to society and for a child to reach its fullest potential.
Key results:
Showing appreciation for each individual child and their learning capabilities.
Overseeing and managing household day to day rhythm.
Developing communication and conflict resolution.
Organizing field trips, playdates, extracurricular activities, appointments, and multi-subject classes.
Monthly learning coach collaboration.
Researching and purchasing curriculum for each child.
Keeping children accountable to complete academics.
Infant early intervention using vision therapy to avoid invasive surgery.

2015 - 2016

2014 - Present
Munroe Meyer Institute UNMC
Early Childhood Program Evaluator
Evaluated and implemented child development assessments to identify delays in children birth to 5 years old in child care centers and home environments.
Key results:
Implemented child development assessments on children birth-3 years old who represented a low income, ELL population, and displayed delayed development in child care centers and homes.
Administered the Brackens Tool to assess language impairments and intellectual disabilities in children ages 3-6 in individual homes and centers.
Assessed programs for children from birth-30 months of age, where I observed children who displayed atypical and delayed development. The ITERS-R™contains items to assess a quality environment for the fostering of children's health and safety, appropriate stimulation through language and activities, and welcoming, supportive interaction of teacher to student relationship.
Assessed parent-child interaction during play in children birth-5 years old by administering the KIPS tool in a structured observation environment in childcare centers and homes. KIPS assesses the parent/caregiver's behavior in the context of the child's needs. To ensure reliability, the play session is often videotaped and scored later.
Assessed receptive and expressive language abilities in children birth-5 years old using the PLS-5. It was designed to determine the presence of a language delay or disorder. The test consists of an auditory comprehension scale and expressive communication scale to evaluate specific areas of strength and weakness.
Collected and compiled data from assessments.
Planned in-home interviews in Spanish to ensure parent accountability, perform assessment and evaluate children ages birth to five years-old.
Established a professional long term relationship with parents to evaluate the progress of children birth to five years-old, concerns of parents, provide encouragement, and attain research to better understand A- typical child development standards.

2009 - 2014
Knowledge Network of Greater Omaha
Television Program Host
Co-wrote and hosted an early childhood bilingual television program by planning lessons, scripts, materials, and inviting guests to the set. Key results:
Recruited guests to the set to interact with the hosts and promote local organizations such as Omaha Zoo.
Co-wrote themed lessons targeted to early childhood ages 3-5 years old.
Collaborated with team members to plan show segments and content.
Led implementation of the Live show.
Teamed with a co-host to distribute roles within the scripts.

2007 - 2009
Omaha Public Schools
Dual Language First Grade Teacher
Performed a variety of skills related to children ages 6-7 by coordinating with other teachers to implement a dual-language curriculum.

Key results:
Implemented a multi-disciplinary curriculum for children ages 6-7.
Delivered lessons in Spanish to English monolingual students and Spanish monolingual students.
Developed and implemented a collaborative plan for helping students acquire a second language.
Developed an education district network as well as a national network for dual language teacher development.
Managed classroom of students who displayed A-typical child development milestones and students who needed and IEP.
Produced reports of student progress.
Established relationships with parents to ensure partnership in the student’s education.
Collaborated with a team to communicate concerns and professional growth.

2006 - 2008
Austin Independent School District
Preschool Dual Language Teacher
Implemented a dual language curriculum to children ages 4-5. Created a classroom environment conducive for a diverse student body with the goal to acquire second language acquisition.

Key results:
Managed a classroom of 22+ children ages 4-5 in a full-time urban school environment.
Developed strategic lessons to engage students who were A-typical and students who needed further intervention in the areas of; behavior, cognitive, medical, and social.
Promoted the benefits of literacy by implementing daily literature in lesson plans.
Maintained an open door policy to encourage parent communication.
Conducted English/Spanish educational needs assessments.
Collaborated with team members to address concerns, lesson plans, and professional growth.

2002 - 2006

Millie Smith