Devin jerome Clary
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Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA
School: Excelsior College
Major: Liberal Arts

Devin jerome Clary

Ex-Army Intel Analyst, Psychology Student
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Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA
School: Excelsior College
Major: Psych/Business

Ex-Army Intel Analyst, Psychology Student

Army All-Source Intelligence Analyst (35F MOS) (3.5 Years)
o Team Leader (15 Months)
o Working as primary analyst in Support to Targeting Cell at 3-10, 317 BEB, Delta Company in Fort Polk Louisiana.
 JRTC Training Cycle, Fort Polk (2 Months)
• Network and Coordinated with All All-Source Cells, GEOINT, PSYOP, EW, SIGINT, HUMINT, CA, and FIRES personnel to combat a Hybrid Threat in Brigade Intelligence Support Element
• Identified Conventional and Unconventional High Valued Targets, and coordinated with FIRES, HUMINT, EW to execute targeting.
• Was identified as a lone, competent asset to bridge analysis directly between BISE and CUOPs, Movement and Maneuver, Civil Affairs, and EW Commanders.
• Worked in TAC of 5 people, handpicked by Brigade S2 as direct analysis advisors to Brigade Commander and recognized as SME in target analysis and CUOPs.
• Worked as in security details throughout operation.
 INTEX Intelligence Exercise (1 Month) – Was recognized out of all 300 peers in Company due to exceeding the standard of duties as analyst by Battalion Commander and Company Commander.
• Briefed BISE and command team on targeting cycle, order of battle, and PMESII ASCOPE
• Was adopted by lead GEOINT Sergeant to become All-Source SME on GEOINT equipment
 TOCEX Intelligence Exercise (1 Month)
• Briefed all INTs in Brigade on PMESII ASCOPE factors, Weapon systems, Order of Battle, High Payoff Target List, High Value Target List.
• Direct integration of FIREs cell in targeting cycle/order of battle
 In-depth Strategic and Brigade Country Threat Briefs on China, Russia, Horn of Africa (1 year) (finished products could be provided upon request)
 South West Border Mission (3 Months)
• Worked in 3-10 Brigade Intelligence Support Element in two groups of 4 to support Army North, the Department for Homeland Security, and lower echelons assisting on the South West Border.
• Used surveillance equipment, with small arms to assist security and logistical operations on SWB mission
• Wrote over 20 reports, was directly quoted by Army North Intelligence support/Department of Homeland Security.
• PMESII ASCOPE Formats included
• Analysis of Potential Joint Entry Points
• Analysis of Threat Weapon Systems
• Analysis of Threat Warfighting Functions
• Analysis of Potential Unconventional/Conventional and Criminal Threats
• Analysis of Potential Diplomatic/Economic/Civil Considerations.

Software Knowledge
• Java-script (basic) (learning
• MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint
• DCGS (3 Years of Experience)
• ArcGIS (2 Years of Experience)
• JBCP (2 Years of Experience)


Finished Army All-Source Intelligence Analyst (35F) AIT

Currently enrolled in Excelsior College as a Senior with a 3.5 GPA. Majoring in Psychology.

One class from attaining an Associates in Intelligence Studies.



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