Deepika Siriah
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Location: Milpitas, CA, USA
School: San Diego State University
Field of study: Management Information Systems

Deepika Siriah

Deepika Siriah
Milpitas ,
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Highly analytical and meticulous with 5+ years of experience in Business and Data Analysis . Skilled in ETL, da t a
preprocessing, analyzing, reporting, and visualiz ing data to create value and derive business insights. A c t i ve l y
looking for full time oppor tunit ies in Data Analytics | Data Visualization | Data Scien ce roles .
Master of Science, Information Systems , San Diego State University, California, USA GPA 3.6 7/4 May 2019
Master of Commerce, Management, Mumbai University, Mumb ai, India GPA 3.50/4 May 201 7
Bachelor of Management Studies, Finance, Mumbai University, Mumbai, India GPA 3.50/4 May 2014
Languages: Python – Numpy, Pand as, Scikit -Learn , SciPy R – Ca ret, dplyr , tidy verse , mice , and SQL .
Da tabases: PostgreSQL, Hive, MS SQL Server, My SQL, Oracle, MS Access .
ETL & Visualization :Alteryx , Tableau Prep , Tableau, Power BI , matplotlib, Plotly Dash , gg plot 2.
Technologies : R studio, Jupyter Ipython notebook, GitHub, AWS, EC2 , S3 , Salesf orce DMP (Data
Management Platform) , MS Word, PowerPoint , Excel ( lookups, p ivots, and graphs)
Analytics Skills: Data Visualization , Dashboard, KPI, Business I ntell igence, Big Data, Machine Learning,
Data manipulation, Data Mining, Consumer Insights, Datab ase Design , A/B testing .
Concepts: Data Pre -Processing , Feature and Model selection, Statistical Data Modelling (Forecasti ng
and Inferential Models - Regress ion, Classific ation , Clustering) .
Data Operati ons Specialist | Sony Electron ics In c., San Diego, CA August 2019 - Present
• Perform structur ing , design ing , integrat ing , and maintai ning of cus tomer da tabase (CRM DB) .
• Manage o nboard ing of new and existing data feeds (e.g. app data , web registr ation , etc .) into CRM DB .
• Auto ma te transf ormation of data to support fou r marketing dashboard s using Alteryx workflow and
Python , this reduces manual efforts of refresh ing the dash boards we ekly and improves efficiency by 90% .
• Build interactive dashboards in PowerBI & Tablea u to track m arket ing efforts such as product registration,
pa id media , ema il engagement, customer retention , and to answer top marketing questions which
improves efficiency by 80% since it provide s reg ular tracking o f essential business me trics .
• Inter pret & communicat e the results to stakeholders so they ca n make effective data -dri ven decision s.
• Provide audience profiling reports using the Sa lesforce Data Management Platform (DMP) to product teams
which imp rov es the segmentation and profili ng of the target customer by 70 %.
• Provide ad -hoc rep ort s, counts , analyzes from CRM DB (EMR Hive , AWS Redshift or PostgreSQL database ).
Data Analyst Intern | Project C on cern Internati onal, S an Di ego, CA February 2019 – May 2019
• Pe rform ed data preprocessing using Num Py and Pandas using Py thon .
• Create d variables of inte rest from the raw data to perform modeling and analysis using Python .
• Built line ar and logistic regression to a ssess the relationsh ips & correlat ion s among variables using R. This
improve d cross -learning ac ros s projects & imp rove efficiency by 70% .
• Com municat ed the results to the team by b uilding interactive dashboards in Power B I.
Data Analyst Intern | Guil d Mortgage, San Diego, CA June 201 8 – De cember 201 8
• Suggest ed and developed interacti ve Tableau dashboa rd for tracking HR metrics to communicate a story
more than numbers which increase d overall efficiency by 80%.
• Develop ed SQL scripts to extract data from BI mo dule. Pre -process ed & clean sed the data using Tableau
Prep. Publish ed dashboards using Tableau Se rver .
Operations Executive | Kantar Health, Mu mbai, India June 2014 – June 2017
• Perform data analysis and projec t management of primary market rese arch to pro vide custome r ins ights .
• Interact and deal with clients to mana ge their expectation s an d communicate the results to them .
• H1 B Visa Data Analysis : Built classification models to predict case status of H1B visa applicants .
• Data Management for Student Health Services : Designed a database system to raise inventory re quests
and manag e prod uct s suppl y with increase d efficiency by 50%.
• LA crime Data Analy sis: Analyz ed trends & patter ns of crime in last 3 years using Tablea u, CartoDB, ArcGIS .