Conner Scotti, 3D Artist
BA in Interacitve Media Design, Computer Game Design Concentration
Location: Oxford, MA, USA
School: Becker College
Field of Study: BA in Interacitve Media Design, Computer Game Design Concentration

Conner Scotti, 3D Artist

Conner Scotti
3D Artist
1 Birchwood Terrace
Oxford, MA 01540

Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media Design, Computer Game
Design Concentration
Becker College, May 2020
Graduated Cum Laude

Modeling: Maya, Zbrush
Texturing: Substance Painter, Photoshop
Engine: Unity, Unreal Engine 4
Programming: Python, Java

Indian Ranch / Concession Stand Manager
May 2018 - September 2019, Webster MA
I managed a team of ten people at the only concession stand to feed as
many as 3,000 people.
LAW: Legends At War / 3D Artist
August 2018 - May 2019, Becker College
I worked with a team as a 3D artist on a MOBA type game. I was
responsible for creating a large amount of the background art. Our
game was presented at PAX East 2019.
Boston Children’s Museum Project / 3D Artist and Art Team
August 2019 - May 2020, Becker College
I worked as a 3D artist and was co-lead of the art team that consisted
of myself and three other people. We created the art for an interactive
exhibit at the Boston Children’s Museum.

As a Boy Scout I spent a lot of time volunteering; at the Capen Hill
Egg hunt in 2016, as well as a friend’s Eagle Scout project in 2018. I
also built and designed my own computer while I was in high school.

3D, Artist, Substance Painter, Maya, Unity, Zbrush, Photoshop