ckohlberg Resume
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Location: New York, NY, USA
School: New York University
Major: Art History

ckohlberg Resume

TechDay | New York, NY | November 2019-Present
Marketing & Content Director
Leader of social media marketing campaigns within six months of engagement to drive interest and sales of events, edit and publish articles, organize lists of possible sponsors, work with speakers to tailor content to attendees’ desires, assist speakers in recording their content, and editing videos.
 Executed first virtual event in the company and uploaded all speakers and content onto the platform.
 Recognized as a crucial part of the marketing team and given complete control of social media marketing campaigns within four months of employment

#WOMENCRUSHMUSIC | New York, NY | January 2019-Present
Pivotal role with assignment as one of four primary writers for blog within four months of engagement, authoring articles through Editorial assignment or pitching original concepts. Conduct interviews with musicians by phone, email and in person synthesizing information into content.
 Orchestrate interviews partnering and fostering relations with musician publicists and managers.
COLLEGE MEDIA NETWORK | New York, NY | January 2019-Present
Spearhead creation of weekly articles on assigned topics, garnering critical article background and foundation through concise research and musician interviews.
 Drive audience engagement creating, producing, and recording a monthly podcast (Charlotte’s Web Series – to be released October 1, 2019.)

KNOCKTURNAL | New York, NY | October 2018-Present
Galvanize community visibility covering events subsequently creating and submitting articles for press release.
 Successfully ideate and pitch unique article concepts to the Editor across a breadth of concepts including music, fashion, travel, sports, etc.
 Recognized as premiere writer for the music section within six months of employment.

THE GREY ART GALLERY | New York, NY | September 2016-May 2017
Increased gallery attendance writing promotional articles on upcoming exhibitions, additionally creating tour guides for ongoing and new exhibitions.
 Concisely conducted extensive research for tour guides.
 Contributed to event success formatting collateral material for public events, organizing exhibitions display cases.

IRIS & B. GERALD CANTOR CENTER FOR VISUAL ARTS | Stanford, CA | May 2016-September 2016
Helmed art tours and artistic activities, educating children on modern art, affording bonding experience for parents and children.
 Integral team member providing event and planned activities assistance under the supervision of Department of Education manager.

OPEN ROADS INTEGRATED MEDIA | New York, NY | March 2015-March 2016
Authored bookselling letters, social media posts, as well as working in tandem on publication campaigns increasing awareness of upcoming book drops.
 Credited with original content creation for blog posts and two weekly website articles, driving internet traffic increase 2x.

SHOW THE LOVE JEWELRY | New York, NY | May 2015-August 2014
Promoted seamless operations affording critical administrative support to designer.
 Fostered trusted media outlets relationships.
 Employed viral content strategies to increase website traffic preparing social media posts and videos.