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Location: Minneapolis, MN, USA
School: Carleton College
Field of Study: Art History, Political Science, Medieval and Renaissance Studies


Emily Christiansen

EXPERIENCE Host, Reunion, Northfield, Minnesota September 2020 - Present -Multi-tasked position helping customers and other team members in fast-paced environment-Tasks: Ensuring smooth operations through managing reservations, tables, takeout, running food and drinks, sanitizing and cleaning (included enhanced Covid-19 protocols), dressing food, and other tasks as needed-Skills: extensive customer service experience, high reliance on collaboration, self-organization, and knowledge of products and clientele Research with Professor Jessica Keating September - December 2020 -Assisting in research for next book on Arcimboldo -Used bibliography of major book in the literature on Arcimboldo , to find online and physical sources -Gained familiarity with research databases, physical library research, and literature on Arcimbold o Climbing Staff, Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota September 2019 - Present Intern, The Chicago Network, Chicago, Illinois November - December 2020 -Executed projects for the non-profit in collaboration with a close staff-Accomplished through extensive use of the member database and research into members; making connections between members and needs of the organization -Use of Excel and various databases -Exposure to the management of a mid-size organization and engagement of women who are industry leaders -Products: updated website pages and member directory, complied lists of members for events, a women-owned business directory, pitched ideas for future projects and initiatives Intern, Apparel Start-Up various US locations, June - September 2020 -Collaboration with professionals in various business and creative fields, facilitated by a Carleton-alum who runs a consulting firm for guiding next generations of high-net worth families-Use of Agile method; through Asana platform, as well as extensive use of Adobe Photoshop-Practice applying education on innovative organization management, customer theory and frameworks, -Products: business model canvas, value proposition, socially purpose-directed designs, sellable t-shirts-Ongoing socially-motived start up continued by myself, another intern, and our organizer Host, It’s Greek To Me, Minneapolis, Minnesota May 2020 - September 2020 -Working closely with the owners and staff of established family-owned restaurant-Knowledge of Greek food, including menu and some food preparationLifeguard, Edina Aquatic Center & The Minikahda Club May 2018 - September 2020 -Experience in both public and private and large and small-scale settings -Ensured safety of pool guests in high-pressure environments -Required collaboration with other lifeguards, attentiveness to guests’ needs, and current knowledge of CPR and first aid skills Cashier, Turkey To Go, St. Paul, Minnesota August/September 2016 - 2019

EDUCATION Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota 2018 - 2022 Bachelor of Arts, Majors in Art History and Political Science, Minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies 3.7/4.0 -Relevant Coursework: Life & Art of Albrecht Dürer, Islamic Art and Architecture, Art of Europe’s Renaissance, Intro to Drawing Architecture, European Architectural History on Site: Prehistory to Postmodernism, Managing Monuments, Baroque Art, 4 French courses; studied Architecture through a Carleton program in England, France, Spain, and Italy -Activities: Nordic Skiing Team, Women’s Rugby Team, Harp lessons SKILLS -Current CPR and First Aid certification: Ellis & Associates in June 2018; Red Cross in 2020-Digital Tools: Aloha and Toast POS systems, SketchUp, Adobe software, Asana-Nationally competitive rock-climber-11 years of piano instruction, 9 years of cello VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE F.E.A.S.T., Westminster Presbyterian Church, Minneapolis — Ongoing Serving dinner to people at financial or other disadvantages. Hold Cleaning, St. Paul — Winter 2018 Cleaning of climbing holds at indoor climbing gym. Mission Trips — 2014 - 2018 Including community gardening, working with Blight Busters (Michigan), Habitat for Humanity, invasive species removal (Minnesota, Colorado), trail maintenance in Colorado state parks and Rocky Mountain National Park, construction with Lower Nine (Louisiana). REFERENCES Ben, “Manager,” Reunion Phone ------------ Alex Seidlitz, Manager, Turkey To Go Phone ------------ Email ------------ Jessica Keating, Associate Professor of Art & Art History, Carleton College Phone ------------ Email ------------ Alex Johnson, Rock Climbing Coach, Vertical Endeavors Phone ------------ Email ------------