Caleb Casey Resume
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Location: Nashville, TN, USA
School: Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences
Major: Audio Engineering

Caleb Casey Resume


An experienced customer and client services representative with a keen eye for detail and a diverse background. Adaptable and well versed in a variety of industries, including but not limited to, service, retail, telecommunications, and audio engineering. Embodies a willingness to learn and a drive for success.

Work History:

Client Services Coordinator for CarSaver at Walmart
Responsible for training, maintaining, and overseeing the overall success of over 100 clients.
Built a strong rapport and followed up on a regular basis to provide opportunities for clients to prosper.
Organized spreadsheets and detailed client's performance.

Team Lead/Project Coordinator for Cyient Inc.
Integral to overseeing the life of a project, ensuring standards are exceeded, and deadlines met.
Supervised teams of technicians in Arizona, Minnesota, Washington, and Oregon.
Served as the single point of contact between Cyient and CenturyLink, working with multiple teams.

Field Technician for Cyient Inc.
Collected field data of aerial fiber routes to service residential areas.
Planned and outlined underground routes to provide fiber optic internet service to a variety of locations.

Shift Supervisor for Starbucks
Assist store manager and run store operations during scheduled shifts.
Ensure proper cash management and safety policies are being followed.
Provide top tier customer service and drink quality.