Brandis Dyer
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Location: Decatur, GA, USA
School: Middle Tennessee State University
Field of Study: Nutrition and Food Science

Brandis Dyer

Brandis Dyer, B.S.
3634 Silver Springs Court |Decatur, GA | 30034 USA |------------

Nutrition and Food Science experience with a passion for helping others obtain a healthy lifestyle and diet goals.
 Passionate about promoting health throughout communities.
 Able to work in fast environments and show skills of leadership and teamwork.
 Social skills that are inviting and creative to interact with others for learning purposes.
Middle Tennessee State University Murfreesboro, TN December 2018
Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science
 Hands on experience with teaching nutrition education classes.
Minor in Psychology
Nutrition Education Teaching Murfreesboro, TN Spring 2018
 Taught pre-school aged children at MTSU Child Development Center
 Translated nutrition education to younger aged audiences.
 Understanding of preparation for involvement and lessons to be performed.
Intern—Murfreesboro, TN September – December 2018
 Led nutrition educational classes on healthy eating to nine of the eleven middle school students throughout Rutherford County with the 4H organization of UT and TSU Extensions.
 Ability to teach lessons and set up material in a quick and orderly manner.
 Ability to communicate and physically involve younger audiences to participate in consuming healthy foods, while providing them with ingredients to make the food and substitute ingredients if necessary.
 Offer information on healthy food facts, innovated healthy foods, and ways to participate in 4H organizations and activities outside of school.

Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program Assistant—Chattanooga, TN February 2019 – December 2019
 Worked forty hours a week, Monday through Friday teaching nutrition and food safety classes at different locations to adults who are caregivers.
 Prepared and cooked healthy meals for families.
 Update information and paperwork on participants.
 Promote Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Programs throughout Hamilton County.
Alcoholic Beverage Commission License Murfreesboro, TN Summer 2020 – Summer 2023
Waitress & Bartender
 Experienced in fast environments and able to work in a team focused environment.
 High social and interaction skills while being able to help stock supplies and continue the pace of restaurants by serving food and alcoholic beverages.
 Expo and food presentation experience to provide satisfying prepare food for consumers.
Citi training certified Online March 2018
 Certified for understanding the regulations and research ethics.
 Ability to perform and distinguish safe and ethical tests for research.
National Nutrition Certification Program Online April 1, 2019
 Understand the Dietary guidelines for Americans, children nutrition, pregnancy, lactation, infancy, chronic disease, energy, balance, diet, physical activity, food safety, menu planning, macro nutrients, vitamins, water, minerals, phytochemicals, nutrition, metabolism, and scope of practice.
Certified Nursing Assistant Experience Murfreesboro, TN Spring 2016
 Assisted with elderly residents in nursing home facilities.
 Physically able to perform duties accompanied with job description.
 Ability to read and understand vital signs, along with keeping residents maintain a schedule revolved around a healthy lifestyle.

Customer service, wine knowledge, fast learner.