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Location: Brookville, NY, USA
School: brooklyn college
Field of Study: ART


ROBERT BEAUVAIS ------------ | E: ------------
Brooklyn, NY 11203
SKILLS i am a professional artist who have been
making art for more than a decade, i
excel in realistic drawing, large-scale,
and sculpture. I also use
nonconventional material such as
debris, scraps, paper, and junk to do
conceptual art. My palette or color,
themes, and impacting image earned
me the 2020 labor Arts Lives of working
people award
Requested official identification for [Type] purchases and verified details,
consistently meeting strict legal standards of underage sales.
Counted cash in register drawer at beginning and end of shift.
Restocked, arranged and organized merchandise in front lanes to drive
product sales.
Reviewed and resolved differences between accounting information and
cash drawer.
Checked identification for proof-of-age and refusing alcohol and tobacco
sales to underage customers.
Helped customers complete purchases, locate items and join reward
programs to promote loyalty, satisfaction and sales numbers.
Promoted customer loyalty and consistent sales by delivering friendly
service and knowledgeable assistance.
Answered questions about store policies and concerns to support positive
customer experiences.
Efficiently processed new orders, completing [Number]+ daily transactions
with remarkable accuracy.
Checked bills with counterfeit pens and examined coins to spot and refuse
foreign currency.
BU BOY?DISHWASHER 03/2015 to 02/2017
Sbarro | Brooklyn, NY
Completed extra cleaning work on garbage cans, racks, dry storage areas
and other fixtures to keep kitchen spotless.
Maintained clean and contaminant-free cooking equipment and
receptacles through [Technique] and [Technique].
Worked with chemicals such as detergent, rinse agents and sanitizers to
protect customer health.
Assisted with kitchen prep work to help operations run smoothly and meet
customer needs.
Helped team meet expected demands by restocking work areas
throughout restaurant such as server stations, salad bars and supply
Moved items from main storage areas to easily accessible small fridge,
freezers and containers to support kitchen staff efficiency.
Kept kitchen areas neat and clean by removing trash and organizing
Loaded more than [Number] glasses, silverware and dishes into
dishwasher each shift, running average of [Number] loads per day.
Scraped, washed and efficiently restacked dishware, utensils and
glassware to keep kitchen ready for customer demands.
Boosted team efficiency by keeping kitchen areas organized, clean and
properly sanitized.
Washed equipment, surfaces, refrigerators and other areas and applied
sanitizing chemicals.
Communicated with team members to keep operations running smoothly
by helping with [Task] and [Task].
Disinfected counters and wiped down food prep surfaces to prevent illness
and cross-contamination from raw meats.
Cultivated strong customer relationships to generate repeat and referred
patronage by offering spotless dishes and [Result].
Washed and sanitized dirty dishes by hand and by using dishwasher.
Established great relationships with staff by promoting team-oriented
atmosphere through use of [Skill] and [Skill].
Volunteered to assist [Job title]s with [Task] and [Task] during peak meal
times after completing dishwashing duties.
EDUCATION Bachelor of Arts | Art Education 05/2020 Brooklyn College of The City University of New York, Brooklyn, NY

Robert Beauvais' art is based on Western imperialism, Haitian culture, including its architectural heritage, history, folklore, national production, and lays emphasis on the only revolution that challenged slavery, leading to the creation of the first Black nation. He employs different media such as painting, clay, collages, fabric,

and paper to make visible the invisible.
Drawing inspiration from Jacques Louis David's depiction of chiseled masculine features, Beauvais seeks to communicate the bravery of these freedom fighters, whose inspirational legacy lives on. He uses texture and color to create an emotional connection with the viewer and gets them immersed in the artworks through representations of epic scenes that convey leadership, unity, tension, and drama all elements of the struggle that his people went through to break the yoke of bondage. A struggle Haitians continue to endure, as payback, under neo-colonialism.

robert beauvais BFA artist