BIM MEP Specialist
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Location: Pennington, NJ, USA
School: Passaic College
Major: Mathematics

BIM MEP Specialist

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1 Yard Road Pennington, NJ 08534

Autodesk Technology Specialist with profound knowledge of engineering workflow environments & engineering software applications. Since AutoCAD release 13.0 I’d worked in many engineering sectors where Autodesk software are prerequisite. I am looking for a position in sustainability engineering field and which strong analytical proficiency, problem solving & independent professional power users are required.

CAD/BIM Specialist MEP/FP, AMA Consulting Engineers, NY — 2018-2020 • In charged of creating CAD & Revit workspace engineering environments.
• Managed BIM department’s prototypes of all network Projects. • In charged of East/West Coast CAD/Revit Training.
• In charge of AutoCAD 2020 deployment
• Utilized LIPS programming to advanced AutoCAD tools
• Deployment of DST’s & Autodesk Analytical Software. • Troubleshoot BIM Network Issues.
• MEP/FP Design & Mark-ups when required
CAD/BIM Manager MEP/FP, ads Engineers, NY — 2017-2018 • In charge of AutoCAD document management system
• Monitor project progress.
• Revit & AutoCAD DB Quality Control.
• In charged of Revit Training.
• Coordinate the work of junior-level and technicians.
• Automate routines in BIM to support standards & productivity
• Develop, implement and enforce BIM documentation & workflows
CAD Director, GuthDeconzo Consulting Engineers, NY — 2017 + 2007-2009 • Managed AutoCAD/Revit libraries
• In charged of Plotter diagnostics & network troubleshooting • Supervise engineering software deployments.
• Create Autodesk tools
• IT/Network Administration
• MEP/FP Design & Mark-ups when required

Passaic College, Paterson, NJ, Mathematics, 2012
* Edx Program Online, MIT, Physics & Calculus, 2005
* Annenberg Program Online, Caltech, Physics 2003 Lincoln Institute, Mahwah, NJ Architectural Design, 2001 Acolsure Military College, Colombia, SA. Mathematics, 1992
“*” - attended

• Manage software products, including incorporating new version releases, customization, and troubleshooting of the product.
• Manage the implementation of supporting software for BIM and evaluate new BIM related software and technologies.
• Stay informed on best practices for use of BIM and related software and disseminate the information to appropriate teams.
• Develop, implement, and enforce BIM documentation and workflow process standards.
• Create and maintain of the software template files.
• Provide support for plotting and electronic file submissions.
• Automate routines in BIM to support standards and productivity.
• Provide quality control for completeness and adherence to company
• Liaison with national vendors, corporate technology support staff, software
developer support staff and other support channels.
• Perform weekly meetings with related individuals to monitor all project
models, assist on project set-up, project specific modeling and/or families.
• Provide fundamental and intermediate Revit training, conduct internal continuing education Revit training sessions, and provide technical orientation to new hires regarding BIM tools and digital document
• Maintain high level of competency of software through continued use and
• Communicate with architect and other consultants to receive, coordinate
and update all electronic models.

• Calculus
• Physics
• Formwork/Shoring applications
• Hydrology & Dewatering applications
• Mathematical Modeling
• Scientific computing
• Computational modeling
• 2D/3D Design, Architectural, Structural & MEPFP Design • AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, Dynamo, Fusion, BIM 360
• Cobol, FORTRAN, LISP, VBA, C++, C#, Dynamo, Python
• Artificial Neural networks
• Information Technology, Networks
• Ethical hacking/Security, Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu
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Robert Robinson.
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Mohsin Alam.
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