bernard hart
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Location: Cerritos, CA, USA
School: CSUN & UCLA
Field of study: Electrical Engineering & Economics

bernard hart

Bernard Hart
Address: PO BOX 3992, Cerritos, CA 90703-3992
Phone: ------------
E-mail: ------------

Bernard Hart can support the entire aerospace electronic product life cycle and has made analog and digital electronic circuit boards, design schematics, component part selection, derating, reliability documentation, draw 3D assembly drawings, manufacturing process instructions, set up assembly lines, write test procedures, testing, troubleshooting, and work with technicians.

Electrical Engineering, CSUN, BSEE
Economics, UCLA, BA

Electrical Engineer
Company: Skurka Aerospace
Address: 4600 Calle Bolero, Camarillo, CA 93012
Duration: from 8/2019 to 3/2020 (contract for 8 month)
Pay: 115K/yr
· Review circuit schematics, parts stress derating per MIL HDBK 217, MTBF prediction and FMEAs, for aerospace motors, generators, inverters, rectifiers, sensors, 3 Phase, 1 Phase, 270VAC, and 270VDC for aircraft to DO-160.

Electrical Engineer, Reliability Engineer
Work Site: 1500 Glenn Curtiss, Carson, CA 90746 ------------)
Duration: from 9/2012 to 6/2019 (contract for 6yrs, 9mon)
· I worked 14 separate consecutive contracts at one factory location (being assigned varying degrees of responsibility as the factory got bought, sold, cut up and redistributed worldwide, and merged with other companies). So with each change of ownership; the jobs, temp contracts, and agencies were switched. [NOTE: please contact only the temp agencies as the factory does not consider temps as employees.]

Electrical Engineer 1
Contractor: Modis ------------), 10151 Deerwood Park Blvd, Building 200, ste 400, Jacksonville, FL 32256
Work Site: Safran, 1500 Glenn Curtiss, Carson, CA 90746 ------------)
Duration: from 12/2018 thru 6/2019
Pay: 90K/yr

-in addition to previous tasks at Zodiac (but now also attend meetings, provide improvements, meet with customers, and represent the company in worldwide aviation certification reviews for various other countries aviation authorities - Brazil, Canada, Russia, Japan, Italy, France, Britain, China). Unfortunately, after the 4 Boeing 737s fiascoes, they said all temps will be terminated within 6 months; but, gave me a 1 month extension to finish 40 manyears of work.

Reliability Engineer (RAMSIL, RMS)
Contractor: Acro,------------, 400 Continental Blvd, 6th flr, El Segundo, CA 90245
Work Site: Zodiac, 1500 Glenn Curtiss, Carson, CA 90746 ------------)
Duration: from 1/2015 thru 11/2018
Pay: 200K/yr

-in addition to previous tasks at Monogram (along with all the below tasks, also now became the process holder for the Reliability process - 100 percent of all documentation, drawings, CAD, schematics, test procedures, software, test results, verification protocols - all paperwork in the company had to go through my desk) along with actually personally performing as Reliability Engineer (RAMSIL, RMS) performed all Reliability, Testability, Maintainability, Troubleshooting, Integration, Logistics, and Safety Documentation for submission to the FAA (USA) & EASA (Europe). Reliability process holder: review, check, and approve all drawings, documents, verification test procedures and test reports.

Electrical Engineer II
Contractor: People Connect ------------), 1355 Market St, ste 488, San Francisco, CA 94103
Work Site: Monogram Systems, 1500 Glenn Curtiss, Carson, CA 90746 ------------)
Duration: from 6/2013 thru 12/2014
Pay: 85K/yr

-in addition to previous tasks at Weber (given a nice desk location and added responsibilities), but now also performed WCA, Mechanical and Electrical Parts Stress Analysis (EPSA) component derating per MIL HDBK 217, FMEA, PSSA, SSA, FMECA, FTA. Orcad Pspice, LT Spice & Altium analysis of electrical schematics, and Verification of sensors, valves, system controllers, switches, 3 Phase Motor Controllers, Inverters, and Variable Frequency Motor Drives (VFMD), up to 1000Vdc and 240Vac, and Brushless DC Motor Controllers, 28Vdc, for 717, 737, 757, 787, E2, MRJ, MC21, C919, MA700, A320, A321, A380, A400. Check Electrical schematics and Mechanical Assembly drawings for compliance to Customer (Boeing & Airbus), Voltage, Current, Power, & Environmental requirements per DO-160, FAR 25, SAE ARP 4761, and DO-254.

Electrical Engineer, Reliability Engineer
Contractor: Emergent LLC ------------), 11767 Katy Freeway, ste 411, Houston, TX 77079
Work Site: Weber, 1500 Glenn Curtiss, Carson, CA 90746 ------------)
Duration: from 9/2012 thru 5/2013
Pay: 115K/yr

-Initially I was hired as an Electrical Engineer performing electronics design, orcad pspice schematic capture design, product engineering and product support for commercial jet systems (737, A320) 'In-Cabin' systems such as valves, switches, harness wiring, plumbing, component selection and schematics, and vendor selection to final product test and verification and field support for failures and obsolescence. Weber had just been bought up by Monogram.

RF Test Design Engineer
Company: SST
Address: 600 W Technology Dr, Palmdale, CA 93551
Duration: from 2/2010 to 9/2012 (2yrs, 8mon)
Pay: 90K/yr
· Setup dozens of Automated Test Equipment and Bench Test stations for vibration, environmental and electrical tests for contract manufacturer testing tens of millions of PCBs for aerospace, medical, and military products. Built test fixtures, quote, cost estimation, program PLCs (Watlow, Omron, Allen Bradley). Test and Debug, teach electronic theory, train, and mentor technicians in testing procedures, troubleshooting, and debugging techniques for failed CSEL Survival Radios, F18 Flight Simulator Electronics, Vehicular Jamming Countermeasure electronics, US Navy Shipboard Communications Array Electronics and Power Supplies, Medical and Diagnostic Electronics, WLAN WIFI Communications Arrays, RF Power Electronics, High Voltage Windmill Generator Control and Power Generation Units. Wrote dozens of test procedures per milspec, IPC610, ISO9000, DO-160, and customer requirements. Created electrical schematics, mechanical assembly drawings, manufacturing process instructions. Wrote, ‘Training Handbook for Testing and Debugging of RF Electronic Boards’.

Senior Electronics Reliability Engineer
Company: JPL NASA
Address: 4800 Oak Grove Dr, Pasadena, CA 91109
Pay: 115K/yr
Duration: from 4/2006 to 7/2009 (contract: 3yrs, 3mon)
· Performed worst case parts stress derating analysis, thermal analysis, Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMEA, FMECA), Worst Case Analysis (WCA), Electronic Parts Stress Analysis (PSA, EPSA) of Analog and Digital electronic circuits and power assemblies using manual calculations, Excel, and Orcad PSPICE, for spacecraft electronic circuits, satellite instrumentation, sensors, radar, RF, motor control communication boards, relays, pyro, main electronics boards, and power supplies for deep space probes and earth orbiting satellites.

Electronics Design Engineer II, Component Engineer
Address: 25200 Rye Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91355
Duration: from 2/2001 to 5/2006 (5yrs, 3mon)
· As Electronics Design Engineer for Electronic Flight Controls, Avionics, Air Launch Weapons, designed electrical schematics, selected component parts, designed printed circuit board, and created mechanical assembly drawings to control manufacturing production to DO-254, IPC610, AS9100 (TUV), ISO900x, ISO1400x standards. Pay: 75K/yr
· As Component Engineer performed reliability analyses, PSA, FMECA, WCA, aging studies, thermal studies, validation for motor controllers and motor actuators for F18, MK84, MK82, MK81, AIM9, M1 Abrams, M60, XM, X-planes, Common Missile, AH64, Super Cobra, Huey, UAVs, scramjets, aiming systems, guidance systems, mortar and gun launched projectiles. Wrote,‘Basic Handbook for Development of High ‘G’ Electronic Components’. Pay: 50K/yr

Additional Information:
-US Military Service: Veteran, E-4, Sergeant, USAF, Honourable Discharge
-SBBB TV, from 6/1987 to 8/2016, Producer, Produced, directed, edited, narrated, and
distributed 350 radio and 7000 television half hour shows on over 50 TV stations.
-IEEE, 1/1998 to 12/2000, L.A. Chapter, Secretary of Antenna and Propagations Society