Aditya Daware
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Location: Clemson, SC, USA
School: Clemson University
Field of study: Structural Engineering

Aditya Daware


Actively seeking a full-time position related to a Structural engineering starting from June 2021.

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M.Sc. in Structural Engineering at Clemson University, USA. (GPA: 3.4)(August 19 - Present) Courses Taken: Advance Reinforced Concrete Design, Advanced Steel Design, Earthquake Engineering, Structural Fire Engineering and Safety, Matrix method of Structural Analysis, Pre-stressed Concrete Design, Structural Loads and Systems, Repair and Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete Structure.

Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from Pune University, India. (GPA: 3.6)(June 14 - June 18) Courses Taken: Statics, Mechanics, Steel Design, RCC Design, Pre-stress Concrete Design, and Structural Analysis using Finite Element Analysis, Strength of Materials, Testing of Materials, Earthquake Engineering, Project Management, and Transportation Engineering.


Graduate Research Assistant - Clemson University (August 20 – Present)

Propose new standard fire testing method for determining high temperature properties of Concrete Masonry blocks (CMUs).

Determination of material scale high temperature mechanical and thermal properties of industry standard CMUs by fire testing at 20 to 1200 deg. C.

Developing new design model by analyzing variability in existing experimental results by using Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence.

Structural Engineer - SALT design and infra services Pvt. Ltd., India (July 18 - June 19)

Developed StaadPro and Etabs models of RCC residential, commercial, and steel industrial structures.

Reviewed all the structural analysis, design, and re-strengthening calculations for the same and managed the drafting team for the structural drawings.

Developed and used automated spreadsheets for design of beam, column and retaining walls compatible with StaadPro results formats.

Executed site visit involving visual inspection, destructive and non-destructive testing for health assessment of structures and prepared detailed reports for the same.

Project Engineer - Rane Karandikar Developers (June 17 - September 17)

Executed and monitored construction of 7-stroey residential building.

Monitored levelling and layout according to architectural drawings and site plans and material testing according to Indian Standards.

Carried out quantity estimations for different materials according to structural and architectural drawings.


STAAD-Pro, ETABS, Dlubal RFEM, REVIT, TEKLA, AutoCAD (2D and 3D), MATLAB, Python, MS Office


FE Civil exam passed in February 2020 (


Aditya Daware, M. Z. Naser (2021). Behavior of Concrete Masonry Units Under Various Fire Testing Methods – An Overview, Construction and Building Material, Under Review.

Aditya Daware, M. Z. Naser (2021). Deriving Generalized Temperature-dependent Material Models for Masonry through Fire Tests and Machine Learning, In preparation.

Naser, M.Z., Hostetter, H, Daware A (2020). AI Modelling & Mapping Functions: A Cognitive, Physics-Guided, Simulation-Free and Instantaneous Approach to Fire Evaluation

SiF 2020 – The 11th International Conference on Structures in Fire, Queens, Australia.


Research project on Structural Fire Safety problems in Transportation Infrastructure mainly focusing on Highway Bridges and Tunnels.

Research project on Factors Affecting Performance of Steel Beams Under Fire Conditions focusing on the Importance of Axial Restraint.

Seismic analysis and design of 12 Story RCC structure using ETABS including reinforcement detailing.

Structural Analysis and Design of 2 Story Wooden Structure.

Design and Analysis of Prestressed Double T girder as per AASHTO.

Analysis of 3-Bay 3-Storey Frame Structure using Direct Stiffness Matrix Method.

Development of Software in MATLAB for analysis of beam using Matrix Method of Structural Analysis. Output was Shear force diagram, bending moment diagram and deflection curve for the same.