AA Resume
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Location: Boston, MA, USA
School: Northeastern University
Field of study: Business Administration and Psychology

AA Resume

Ed u ca tio n
Nor theastern Univ ersity , Bost on M A Ma y 2024  
Business Administr ation and Psy chology   GPA: 3.6  
Achie vements: Dean ’s Scholarship, Dean ’s list fall 2020   
New Pr ovidence High School , New Pr ovidence NJ June 2020  
Achie vements: Magna cum laude, High honor r oll, National honors society   
Extr acurricular Activities: E questrian 2010 - Pr esent, V olle yball team junior v arsity 2016 - 2018,  
Speech and Debate team 2016 - 2018  

P ro fe ssio na l

E xp erie nc e   
Vine yar d Vines , Bost on M A     January 2021 - Pr esent  
● Responsible for cust omer ser vice and sales, r ecommending appr opriate items, inv ent ory  
management, pr eparing online or ders, folding and or ganization, in st or e displa ys   
● Developed communication, team leadership, also pr oblem solving and business  
management skills   
Mantel, Prince, and Re ynolds Law Firm , New Pr ovidence NJ   January - Mar ch 2019  
● Conducted fr ont desk oper ations, phone calls and tr ansf ers, labeling, filing, and scanned  
paper files int o an online database   
● Gained experience working in a pr of essional envir onment and pr oblem solving skills  
Zita ’s Ice cr eam , New Pr ovidence NJ   June- No vember 2019  
● Cust omer Ser vice and pr oduct pr epar ation, inv ent ory tr acking and r otation. De veloped  
multi- tasking and communication skills

V olu nt eer

E xp erie nc e  
Case Consulting Club , Bost on M A       January 2021- Pr esent  
● Consulting tr aining pr ogr am  
Ser vice Club Officer , New Pr ovidence NJ     September 2016 - June 2020  
● Completes 20+ hours of ser vice per semester , r esponsible for finding oppor tunities and  
pr esenting them t o club members, or ganiz ed fundr aisers and club e vents   

S k il ls

a nd

i nt ere sts   
Computer skills: Micr osoft office (Ex cel and powerpoint), Social media platforms  
Inter ests: E questrian, v olle yball, cooking and baking, and hiking   

A m an da

A xte ll  

1 29

H em en w ay

S tr e et

B osto n,

M A    
( 9 08)

8 58-0 402  

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