Creativity and passion for my work
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Location: Gaithersburg, MD, USA
School: Escola técnica Irmão Pedro
Field of study: advertising and marketing

Creativity and passion for my work

I am a woman of 40 years old, coming from the South of Brazil, I am the oldest daughter and since I was very little I helped my parents in the education of my twin brothers, we have a difference of 8 years of age. I have always been very brave and adventurous. I like to skate, ride a bike, hooverboard, eletric scooter, do yoga, dance zumba. But I also have a more spiritual version of connection with nature and universal power. I have an open mind to learn everything that is taught to me, I still have a little difficulty with the English language, but I try hard taking classes online, and with patience I can talk and make myself understood. In addition to my language, I can also communicate in Spanish. I have full availability of hours. And I will feel honored if I can be selected to meet your family. Thank you very much in advance. God blesses