audio engineer
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Location: Seattle, WA, United States
School: shoreline community college
Major: audio engineering

audio engineer

Bryce Rowe

Shoreline Community College Graduated 2017
Associate in Applied Arts & Sciences – Digital Audio Engineering/Music Technology
-Coursework involved signal flow, music theory, efficient operation of Pro Tools, efficient workflow with analog and digital workstations, mixing and recording techniques for multiple applications including Foley, sound design, almost any instrumentation, vocals, bands, and more (2014 - 2017)

School Projects
Mixing/Recording Projects
-Produced, recorded, edited and mixed multiple songs for different projects at Shoreline
-Recorded, edited and mixed a mock Annual Report audio presentation for Time, Inc, including an original orchestral composition
-Mixed, edited and performed post-production on the music for 'Wall-E' for a class project
Other Projects
-Removed, recreated, mixed and synced audio for a number of commercials as school projects
-Designed sounds for made-up combinations of animals
-Composed/produced all audio (sound effects, music, foley) for a short film
Personal Projects
-Original electronic music production in styles varying dubstep, hip hop, drum n bass
-Recorded, mixed, produced a live session of a three-person folk group
Skills And Activities
-Write, record, produce, mix and master original productions
-Played multiple instruments for 10+ years

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