FT Nanny
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Location: Edmonds, WA, United States
University: WGU
Major: Marketing

FT Nanny

My name is Taylor L. Shoemake, I am a college student that is majoring in photography and marketing. I have a passion for taking pictures and working with people. I’m a ballroom teacher and competitor as well as an aerial acrobat. I grew up in a police/firefighter home and because of this I know how important it is to be on time and put your best foot forward, our house motto is early is on time, on time is late and late is unacceptable.
Nanny, Jeff and Erika; Edmonds, Washington — 2015-2016
I worked as a nanny for Jeff and Erika. They owned a brewery and Erika worked at Microsoft. My duties included: picking up the kids from day care, making sure they got their homework done, making dinner, planning activities, and any other duties assigned by the parents.
Nanny/Driver, Erica; Edmonds, Washington — 2015-2016
I worked as a driver/nanny for Erica. She had two daughters that were athletes and needed extra health. My duties included: Pick up from grandma’s house, drop-off at practice, feed her (if needed), stay with her at her house until her parents or sister got home, and drive her to and from games.
Nanny, Shea and Jake; Edmonds, Washington — June 2016- August 2016
I was the summer nanny for Shea and Jake. They both worked during the day and need a nanny to take care of their 8/9 year old daughter and their 12/13 year old son. My duties included: making breakfast, making lunch, planning things for us to do during the day, supervise chores, as well as take to and from summer camps and activities.
House Sitter; General Edmonds/Seattle area — 2012-Present
I have many clients as a house sitter. My duties include: dog walking, dog feeding, cleaning, and supervision of the house while the owners are away.
Cashier/Beauty Advisor, Ulta Beauty; Lynnwood Washington — September 2016-Present
At Ulta my duties include: Checking people out after they finish shopping, cleaning, stocking shelves, organizing the stock rooms, and any other duties as assigned.
Edmonds Woodway High School
Edmonds Community College - AA, Freshman
Photography- I have taken a few photography classes but I am mostly a self taught photographer. I have done senior portraits, events, and outdoor photography.
Organization- I am extremely organized. Everything is colour coordinated and written out and planned.
Cooking- I love cooking and trying new recipes! I think there is a bonding experience when cooking with others and love teaching others to cook
Shea- Title-Former employer
Phone Number- xxx-xxx-xxxx
Monique Hourada- Title- Owner of Dancesport International Dance Studio, and Coach
Phone Number- xxx-xxx-xxxx

Fun loving, caring, responsible, organized