Software Engineer
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Location: San Jose, CA, United States
University: UC Santa Cruz
Major: Computer Science

Software Engineer

Computer Science graduate with
programming, web development,
and server maintenance experience
seeking an Entry Level
Software Engineer position
Bachelor’s of Science
Computer Science
University of Santa Cruz
Languages: Java, JavaScript,
Python, C++
Front-end: HTML5, CSS3,
ReactJS, Flux, AngularJS, Sass,
Back-end: Node.js, Express.js,
Gulp, ES6
Mobile: Android, React Native
Web Servers: Apache, Nginx,
Unix (Linux)
Databases: PostgreSQL,
MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB,
Cloud Services: Amazon Web
Testing: TDD, Mocha, Jasmine,
Software Developer for Mira Bella Energy 01.17–06.17
• Developed a back-end system using Node.js and PostgreSQL with modular structure to allow for
code-reusability in future development
• Developed front-end components of web application to allow users to log-in to view their light-pole data
points as well as geographical locations, remotely configure their light-poles, and receive notifications
• Designed application’s cloud architecture using Amazon Web Service’s Elastic Beanstalk, S3, and
Cloud Front.
Web Developer for UCSC Student Media Center 09.16–06.17
• Developed and maintained Student Media websites using Wordpress to expand student-led
organizations’ online web presence
• Cut down on monthly web hosting costs by migrating Student Media websites to single Digital
Ocean server and configured Apache web server to support multiple virtual hosts
• Managed DNS settings for domains owned by Student Media
Software Developer Intern at Swisk Inc. 06.16–09.16
• Increased number of clients by scraping web platforms for potential clients and their contact
data using Python’s Scrapy framework and Selenium framework.
• Increased potential user base by using Twitter API to collect user data from competitors to
directly market to users
• Analyzed strengths and weaknesses of competitors’ marketing techniques by scraping their
social media posts and post metrics
Friend Locator: xxx-xxx-xxxx/luke-shepherd/AdultFriendLocator
• Developed a RESTful API service using Node.js and MongoDB that allows for authentication
and separation of routes using Json Web Tokens
• Developed front-end components using React Native that interact with RESTful API to
support app features including login, registration, search for users, add users as friends, reject
friend requests, and display friend’s location on a map view
Tabspace: xxx-xxx-xxxx/clwright/tabspace.
• Developed Google Chrome extension that allows users to organize selected tabs into categories for
quick access increasing productivity
• Developed core functionality such as storing, retrieving, and updating user objects in Google
Chrome’s sync storage allowing users to access their saved data across different devices
Dean’s List Winter 2017
2095 Minto Dr.
San Jose, CA 95132

software engineer