Graduate Student looking for IT Internship
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Location: Washington, DC, USA
School: Strayer University
Major: Information Systems Management

Graduate Student looking for IT Internship


 I have 2+ years of Networking experience in advance configuration knowledge of Cisco switches and routers. Troubleshoots connectivity issues in small and large enterprise network environment.
 Troubleshooting, implementing, optimizing and testing of static and dynamic routing protocols such as EIGRP, OSPF, BGP ability to interpret and resolve complex route table problems.
 Configure VLAN Trunking Protocols (VTP) & Spanning tree Protocols (STP).
 Responsible for Network Connectivity and configuration.
 Configuration and extension of VLAN from one network segment to their segment between Different vendor switches (Cisco, Juniper).
 Worked with security protocols such as IPSEC tunnels, GRE tunnels, NAT, PAT, ACLs
 Working with Layer-2 and Layer-3 Switching and Security.
 Installing Network equipment.
 Set up and configure all new equipment involved routers and switches.
 Cisco Switches 3750, 2960s, 2950, 3550.
 Installed and implemented Cisco devices to the clients.


Cisco Routers CISCO 2600, 2800.
Cisco Switches CISCO 2900.
WAN Technologies Frame Relay, ISDN, ATM, MPLS, leased lines & exposure to PPP, DS1, DS3, OC3, T1/T3 & SONET.
LAN Technologies Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet & 10 Gigabit Ethernet.
Firewalls ASA (5520).
Security Technologies PAP, CHAP, Cisco ASA.
Platforms Cisco IOS (11.x, 12.x), PIX IOS (6.x, 7.x)
Operating Systems Windows XP, NT, 2000, 2003,2007,2008,2010 Cisco IOS, Vista, Unix.
Cyber Security Penetration Testing, Intrusion Detection System, Computer Security, Certification Scans, Firewall Configuration, Access Control Lists, IP Tables.
Network Services Administration Mail, Apache Web Server, VoIP, Chat Server.


CompTIA A+ COMP------------.
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Routing and Switching CSCO13055722.
Preparing for CCNA Security and CCNP to be certified.


Strayer University – VA Jan 2011 - Nov 2013
Network Engineer Intern

 Troubleshooting of Cisco 2800, 2900 Series routers.
 Installed, configured and managed company firewall routing traffic through secured UDP TCP/IP ports.
 Implemented dynamic failover architecture using BGP across the Cisco routers residing in 4 different data centers to achieve fault tolerance.
 Enabled STP attack mitigation (BPDU Guard, Root Guard), using MD5 authentication for VTP, disabling all unused ports and putting them in unused VLAN and ensuring DHCP attack prevention where needed.
 Configured and managed Cisco access layer routers and switches & carried out route redistribution& manipulated route updates using distribute lists, route-maps & administrative distance, and offset-lists.
 Utilized Cisco BGP communities and advanced route filtering on Cisco IOS.
 Configure, monitor, and insure connectivity of LAN, and WAN sites.
 Configured Client VPN technologies including Cisco's VPN client via IPSEC.
 Resolve and escalate system alerts issues appropriately from start to completion.
 Perform system maintenance to proactively tune various network issues prior to occurrence.
 Implemented Cisco switches 2900 in VLAN.
 Hands-On Experience in Implementation, configuration & troubleshooting various Routing Protocols like RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP.
 Worked on deliverance of network solution to data center.


Master of Science in Information Systems with concentration in Information Systems Management – Strayer University – graduating in 2019
Bachelor of Science in Information Systems with concentration in Networking – Strayer University
Bachelor of Science in Information Technologies – Smolensk State University
Reference available upon request

I am currently located in Washington, DC, but plan to move to San Francisco Bay Area upon starting the job.

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