electrical engineer
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Location: Fremont, CA, United States
University: Northwestern polytechnic university
Major: Electrical engineering

electrical engineer

Experienced in implementing and deploying Embedded IoT based applications. Involved in Firmware development, Digital sytems,FPGA, Sensor interface, Hardware design and Programming.

 Over 1 years of development and testing experience in the field of Embedded Systems.
 Extensive experience in programming various microcontrollers (Assembly &Embedded C).
 Ability to architect and build end-to-end IoT system with focus on node to gateway communication.
 Worked in various domains such as consumer, retail and medical sectors on embedded & IoT use cases.
 Excellent communicator focused on client service.
 Programming languages: C, C++.
 IDE & Software Tools: ModelSim-XE6.2, P-spice, Kiel uvision 4, XillinxISE, Vivado .
 HDL: Verilog, VHDL.
 Communication Protocols: I2C, SPI, UART, BLE, ZigBee, Z-wave, ANT, MQTT, CAN, HTTP.
 Data Visualization Tools: Tableau
 Created an IoT enabled wearable device which could read heart rate and temperature of a human body and display on an OLED screen and could send the data to ANDROID mobile device using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).
 Successfully created a speech controlled humanoid robot. This could respond to certain speech commands and reply back using the pre stored voice data.
 Simulated a MEMS device which could convert heat energy in the electrical devices to electrical charge using thermopiles (Thermocouples).
 Successfully created a ping pong game on the Artix 7 FPGA board using VHDL and implemented it through HDMI protocol onto a monitor and also made it two player game.
Master of Electrical Engineering Northwestern polytechnic university Fremont, California, USA 3.8/4 August 2015
Bachelor of Engineering Siddaganga Institute of TechnologyTumkur,karnataka,INDIA 3.6/4 August 2012

Project: 1 - Quality Analyst for Oculus Rift VR
Facebook – Menlo Park, USA Feb 2016-May2016
Team Size: 12
Oculus Rift The new Virtual reality Gaming headset was soon to be launched and I was involved in analyzing the Firmware and finding out bugs.
MY ROLE: Oculus rift Virtual reality headsets had to be tested for various functionalities by changing different graphics cards, different device drivers, and had to be tested out for the best function. Had to install different release channels of the oculus rift and find the inefficiency of the different release channels and go through test cases and record discrepancies. Record the bugs and create tasks and follow up on the solution of the bugs with the development team.
Technologies Used: MTT, MQTT, Oculus Monitor.

Axelta Systems May 2015 - Nov 2015
Project: 1 - Wearable Health Monitor
Team Size: 04
Senior citizens or Patients need constant attention and various health parameters need to be checked and actions need to be taken immediately or else the health might deteriorate and cause lot more harm or even death.
Solution Provided:
We created an IoT enable Wearable system which allows keeping track on current heart rate, temperature remotely in case of patients. System consists of panic button along with Bluetooth low energy Module which is integrated with any user smart phone and Continuous data is getting posted to mobile which when connected to internet posts on IoT platform
• Continuous posting of monitored health data to cloud
• Monitoring health related data on smart phone
• Panic button alarm when in hazardous state
Programming language: Embedded C
Microcontroller: ATMega32u4
Communication technologies: BLE
Sensors and Hardware: Temperature (DS18B20), Heart rate sensor (TCRT1010), OLED display

My Role: I was involved in programming the sensor and the ADC inbuilt in the Atmega Microcontroller and displaying the value on the Oxled display. I was involved in programming the BLE inbuilt in the board and was closely involved in the android app development which could send and receive data through BLE. I was responsible for the hardware testing and documentation of the project.

Hardware, Testing, Embedded systems,