Barn hand, trail guide, animal caretaker, experience in psychotherapy, medical field, and homeopathy
Location: Carlsbad, CA, USA
University: Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College
Major: Psychology

Barn hand, trail guide, animal caretaker, experience in psychotherapy, medical field, and homeopathy

Alexandra Newman

Character Summary
Alexandra Newman is an intelligent, extremely hardworking, charismatic individual who is consistently able to make clients feel comfortable while maintaining professional relationships. She is very good with organization and timeliness, has a decent knowledge of math and computers, and is an extraordinary writer. In addition, she has an outgoing personality that allows her to be successful in communicating with people of all types. Alexandra is very intuitive and has extensive knowledge about psychology and medicine and equitation. Alexandra is comfortable and competent with independence and excels in working alone, but also works well in a collaborative environment.
Flexible schedule
Dedicated team player
Excellent time management skills
Diligent worker
Comfortable with challenges
Critical thinking ability
Positive outlook
Reliable transportation
Cheerful and energetic
Able to learn quickly
Skilled with technology
MS Office proficient
Basic clerical knowledge
Basic accounting knowledge
Customer service knowledge/experience
Experience with children
Experienced with troubled children, teens and adults
Experience with the elderly
Experience with mental disorders
Informal therapeutic experience
Extensive knowledge of psychology
Basic first aid skills
Limited medical knowledge
Experience in the medical field
Calm under pressure
Skilled with communication
Professional appearance
Professional attitude
Physically fit

Associate of Arts
Asheville-Buncombe Technical College Asheville, NC

Alexandra Newman graduated high school with a 4.0 in West Virginia on June 25th, 2015. She was a student government representative at Greenbrier Academy For Girls, an all-girls boarding school. She attended college-prep schools for three out of her four years of high school. Alexandra was a member of two animal- related programs at her boarding school, where she exercised a leadership role, was part of the equestrian team, and the EATS committee which controlled the food options. Alexandra plans on becoming a clinical psychologist. She is working on her PhD in psychology and plans to study homeopathic medicine as well. She was part of two honors societies at her college and rides horses, gardens, and does many forms of art during her free time. She is extremely passionate about animals, the environment, and most of all helping people.
Barn Hand, Camp Counselor, and Trail Guide
Hickory Nut Gap Farm
57 Sugar Hollow Rd, Fairview, NC 28730
Employer: Annie Ager
unknown --August 2013
Alexandra Newman volunteered at this farm from age ten to sixteen until she could legally be added to the payroll. Alexandra had three different positions between May and August 2013; first as a barn hand, then as a camp counselor. As a barn hand it was her responsibility to care for the horses, including feeding, medicine administration, hygiene, and handling. She also performed various other tasks, manual labor and otherwise, to keep the barn running. Alexandra helped teach children to ride and accompanied them on trails, as well as leading trails for adults separate from the camp. As a counselor, she was in charge of the art table where she taught art skills to children of all ages and supervised them.

The Oaks At Sweeten Creek
3864 Sweeten Creek Rd, Arden, NC 28704
September 2015 -- October 2016
As the receptionist at The Oaks Alexandra was responsible for greeting visitors, answering phones, filing medical records, faxing prescriptions, organizing, making runs to Mission Hospital’s lab, and countless other clerical tasks. On top of this, she was expected to be genuinely cheerful, caring, and empathetic at all times. In addition, Alexandra did whatever she could to help the nursing and administrative staff.

Intellectual/Developmental Disability Technician
Universal Mental Health
370 N Louisiana Ave, Asheville, NC 28806
December 2016 -- October 2017
Alexandra worked as an IDD Technician at Universal Mental Health, a company whose mission is to provide community-based mental health care for almost a year, only resigning once she decided to move back to her hometown of San Diego, CA. She worked with adolescents suffering from intellectual or developmental disabilities such as autism and down syndrome. Her job was to assist her clients in their daily routines, as well as to encourage and enforce positive behavior. She worked tirelessly to help her clients achieve their goals.

Alexandra worked for free for six years out of intrinsic motivation. She often worked overtime unpaid by choice. She has worked through many chronic illnesses, including cluster headaches, without faltering. Alexandra has graduated high school and is in college. She is also an accomplished show jumper, artist, and avid backpacker. She has a strong passion for helping people and animals and continuously shows a strong desire to improve her knowledge and wisdom.

*More information and references available upon request.

equestrian, trail guide, barn hand, ranch hand, animal caretaker, behavioral technician