iOS Developer
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Location: San Diego, CA, United States

iOS Developer

The upshot of my understanding of college curriculum was my innovative minor project ‘Edge Adaptive
Image steganography ‘, which could facilitate covert communication. Despite hindrances, I proposed an
efficient way of streamlining old Least Significant Bit (LSB) algorithm into Edge adaptive scheme. As an
extension of my research, my final year project was ‘A chaotic system based watermarking scheme
for Image tamper detection ’ with the aim of providing an efficient method of copyright protection,
owner’s identification and tamper detection.
Owing to my ability to conceptualise and make mental vision of space dimensions between objects I was
selected as an iOS developer in a start-up company Schoofi Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. My entry to the
corporate world as a professional iOS developer started with the main objective of following my
company’s vision to solve critical problems relating to quality education made accessible to all mobile
application namely Schoofi enabling schools to interact with parents and students in real time through
cloud computing. In addition, Schoofi supports Go green initiative as it saves paper, trees and
money along with reducing workload for teachers & school administration with the help of one touch
recording of attendance, assignments, leaves and I worked on professional tools like Sketch App which
has buttressed my skill in this realm.
Being the only iOS developer responsible for developing this application, I started with design of
application’s screen layout with reusable and custom UI classes making extensive use of graphics
contexts and layers. Along with adding various modules like online attendance, online fee payment, online
announcement that work as a digital notice board, I added an innovative way for parents to track the
school bus live by Working on Geofencing and location based services using MapKit framework while
pinning annotations and push notifications using APNS for sharing live updates. I am conversant with new
technologies that are emergent in my field and I recently worked on an interesting project to create a
native iOS application based on Swift programming language which uses the power of technology to
build stronger neighbourhoods. This application creates a hub where communities can come together and
explore areas of common interest.
Professional experience gained at Schoofi has augmented my understanding of concepts related to
Object oriented programming using Swift & Objective-C, data storing with Core Data & SQLite,
JSON/REST parsing, memory optimisation and the proficiency gained in college has been buttressed by
pragmatic outlook fostered by professional experience. Hence, Looking forward for a favorable response
from your side.

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