Swim Instructor/ChildCare
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Location: Provo, UT, United States
School: Utah Valley University
Major: Psychology/Occupational Therapy

Swim Instructor/ChildCare

A genuine people person, who loves a challenge! I am also a licensed CNA with years of experience dedicated to adults and children with disabilities. Previous employers describe me as dependable and cheerful, willing to learn and eager to try new things. I have learned to work with many different kinds of personalities and can usually find a way to reach a happy outcome in any situation.

• Experience with Difficult Situations and the ability to handle and/or dispel problems
• Patience with any situation, person, or environment
• Can easily Adapt to any workspace, environment, clientele, and situation
• 11 years’ experience with handling and caring for children, and adults with disabilities
• Positive and upbeat attitude, can connect easily with others
• 2 years Certified Nursing Assistant experience, 9 years Personal Care Assistant Experience
• Athletic Abilities Include: Strength/lifting up to 75 pounds, swimming at a lifeguard level, vast amounts of stamina and endurance
• 10+ years of poolside/ocean swimming experience
• Trained as a swim instructor


May 2007 –
Oct 2015
Private Home – Randolph, MA
Took care of 3 boys, presently aged 8, 6, and 4.
Started babysitting for the family when the oldest was 9 months old, and from there continued babysitting as the family grew in size and in need. second child had some learning disabilities and verbal complications which have vastly improved with involvement of family, medical professionals and myself.
Caring for the boys included bathing, dressing, feeding, supervision inside and outside the house, occasional need to transport them to/from school and other activities, putting them to bed or getting them up, entertaining them, helping them with activities and/or school work assigned by parents and teachers, maintaining the rules of the house, and making sure they were happy and enjoying themselves as we played and had fun.

Sept 2008 –
Aug 2015
Private Home – Braintree, MA
Certified Nursing Assistant
Cared for 4 females with major mental and physical disabilities. Duties included getting the patients in and out of their wheelchairs, dressing them, bathing them, performing light range of motion exercises, feeding them, administering medications, bringing them out for social activities, and providing overnight care if needed.
Performed light housekeeping duties, keeping an eye on the other residents of the house, providing help when needed, recording down information such as seizures and other things observed about the client of that day.

Mar 2015 – Aug 2015
Best Of Care INC – Quincy, MA
Certified Nursing Assistant
Traveled from home to home to tend to patients. Helped them maintain independence where they could, assisted in activities of daily living, light housekeeping, assisted them in any task they needed done, and provided companionship and a friendly attitude when there.
Activities of Daily Living could include Bathing, help with elimination assistance, provide support during walks or other physical activities, dressing, preparing meals with dietary restrictions in mind, or any other task listed for said client.

Sept 2015 – May 2017
HomeWatch Caregivers – Orem, UT
Certified Nursing Assistant
Traveled to clients home to assist them due to each individuals needs. Helped with activities of daily living such as hygiene, meal preparation, dressing, toileting, medication reminders, prompting to follow routine, bathing and cleanliness, and housekeeping from time to time.
I have worked with a huge range of patients and their families. Working with slight down syndrome, non-verbal clients, paralysis victims, dementia, delirium, limb paralysis, and helping the elderly stay as independent as they can with our help.

Sept. 2016 - Nov 2016
Halloween City – Orem, UT
Cashier/Customer Service Floor Worker

Worked as a cashier for a seasonal store, and would often work the floor. Working the floor of the store included greeting customers, asking them about their day and what they were looking for, gather ideas and suggest them to customers, help customers find what they were looking for, suggest alternatives, check for items in the back at request of co-workers or customers, and make sure they had a fun and happy experience during their time in our store.

May 2017 - August 2017
(Summer Seasonal)

Goldfish Swim School - Braintree, MA
Swim Instructor

Taught swimming to children, ages varying from 4 months to 12 years old, in class sizes of up to 4 children. Swimming lessons consisted of learning safety in the water, how to swim independently, and building up confidence within every child. The goal of our classes was to instill a passion and love for swimming, to help each child grow in their abilities and see them advance to upper levels with new skills. Not only were the lessons about learning to swim, but they consisted of creating a bond with the child and their parents. We would teach each lesson, and recognize improvements and places to work on every week, with a positive and upbeat attitude.


High School Graduation, Braintree, MA, Braintree High School

Associates Degree of Science, Rexburg, ID, Brigham Young University Idaho

May 2015 – June 2015
United Kingdom Study Abroad, Brigham Young University
• Studied Art
• Interacted with locals in the area and local art students, forming connections
• Traveled to France, London, Scotland, Ireland

August 2015 - Present
Prospective Bachelor’s Degree, Orem, UT, Utah Valley University
• American Sign Language Classes Taken
• Prospective Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Emphasis in Adolescents, Children, and Infants
• Prospective Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) license
CPR Certified
Trained in managing seizures
AED Training
Trained in monitoring and measuring Blood pressure, Pulse, blood sugar levels.
Trained in diabetic care
Trained Swim Instructor for ages 4months- 12 years
Trained Swim Instructor for Swim Team

Named employee of the month by HomeWatch Caregivers Employer, in recognition of willingness to pick up multiple shifts in order to help co-workers and patients, loving and friendly attitude that put clients at ease, ability to learn new tasks quickly and follow a patient’s routine, and personality that was always ready to help.

Named employee of the week several weeks by Halloween City Employer for good work ethic, friendly attitude when greeting and/or helping customers, willing to do any job that needed doing, being on time for work no matter what, and positive attitude with everyone in the store no matter what.

Has been put in multiple leadership or assistant leadership positions by work and church authorities due to friendly and outgoing nature, willingness to help, ability to think on their feet, not afraid to ask questions, genuinely cared about the people they work with, and a calm but assertive nature when needing to get something done or find something out.

Cared for children for the past 11 years. Which includes caring for over 5 children at one time, caring for children with disabilities ranging from minor to major mental and/or physical limitations.

Past employers have called to ask for emergency help with clients knowing that worker is ready to help, retains knowledge of what needs to be done, and is responsible in caring for anyone that needs it

Swim lessons filled with kids, whose parents requested them as an instructor for their children. They explained to the organizers that their requested teacher had compassion, the ability to push their kids to do better, and had an ability to see what their children could do and could improve on in a friendly way.

References Given Upon Request

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