Paige Wesselink
Environmental Science
Location: Richmond, VA, USA
School: Roanoke College
Major: Environmental Science

Paige Wesselink

Paige Anna Wesselink
Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Science~ May 2019
Roanoke College ~ Salem, VA
Minor: Sociology

Center for Leadership and International Relations, 2012 - 2015
James River High School - Richmond, Virginia
· Was one of the selected 50 students out of a 400-student class
· Acquired exceptional public speaking, ethics and leadership skills
· Maintained core classes while taking additional courses relating to leadership
· Completed 30 hours of community service each year as a requirement of the program
· Carried out an individual capstone project
· Donated money from the capstone project to the Roarty scholarship fund

Intern, Summer 2016
Blazer and Associates - Richmond, Virginia
· Delivered signed plans to various local government offices regularly
· Scanned, uploaded and sorted large sets of files efficiently
· Facilitated company growth through innovative thinking
· Printed and bound building plans
· Aided in zoning fieldwork and traffic counts

Intern, January 2015- March 2015
The Science Museum of Virginia- Richmond, Virginia
· Effectively managed the reptile exhibit consisting of over 30 species
· Communicated accurate reptile information to visitors daily
· Assisted in climate change presentations for elementary school students
· Aided in tech repair
· Created beneficial connections with fellow employees
· Educated visitors on a bee species exhibit weekly

Banquet Server, Summer 2017
The Country Club of Virginia- Richmond, Virginia
· Performed platinum level service consistently
· Intentionally went outside of my comfort zone
· Implemented patience and positivity when obstacles presented themselves
· Gained exceptional knowledge on etiquette

Activities: Roanoke College Earth bound (club leader), Roanoke College Garden club, Roanoke College Bee Keeping
Society, Roanoke College Recycling team
Skills: GIS, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Public Speaking and Leadership
Service: BARK, Habitat for Humanity, Richmond's Green Team, Student Mentor program, Hands on Greater Richmond

Paige Wesselink