Fashion Design Major
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Location: Raleigh, NC, United States
School: Meredith College
Major: Fashion Design

Fashion Design Major

Fashion Design Major, Junior, Meredith College, Raleigh NC

Part Time/ Full Time/ Key Holder: Helzberg Diamonds, Raleigh,
Selling Jewlery to reoccuring customers, provinding training as well as acting as a supplement to a mangers assitant with work duties and standards to impelemnt for my staff. Working with customers to find and design that one of a kind piece of jewlery not only for their wedding day but for an special occasions from diamonds all the way down to simple gemstones.

Key Holder: Genealogy Boutique, Raleigh, NC
Opening and closing the store alone or along-side the manager, as well as, taking care of the dress sells or clothing sales that happened daily. Keeping up with online inventory within the three stores associated with this company. Daily necessities of a sales associate as well.

MFA (Meredith Fashion Association): Raleigh, NC
An organization at Meredith College of fashion majors mainly, who collaborate each month to organize events such as fashion shows or volunteer work such as the “Cinderella Project” that way Meredith fashion students can get involved and find internships.

Awards show:
helping other students to create an Award show for graduated students who earned their IB Degree.

National Art Honors Society:
Projects designed to decorate our High school with mural paintings of each senior class since 2009. Painting the football field every Friday night. Painting als for the sports teams and school clubs around the halls. Holding art shows and showcases for the students how attended my school.

Team Lead: Teavana, Raleigh, NC
• Being able to target key items and benefits to drinking or using our products due to the popularity of the products we sell. Using those skills to convert shoppers to customers played a large task into the marketing aspect of this job.

Key Holder: Jinsa Essentials: WOW products, Raleigh, NC
• Sale products to customers who were walking by or near the stand as well as upselling or binding relationships with current customers for constant sells.
Hostess: Flemings Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, Raleigh, NC
Greet customers as well as seat them to the appropriate table. Interaction and involvement with not only guest but employees as well. Having to memorize the menus and new promotion of every month. I’m in charge of orders that need to be placed or received for some front of the house needs.

Cinderella Project: Raleigh, NC
Collecting dresses, new or used, to provide to young women who could not afford a formal dress for certain occasions.

Leukemia Lymphoma Society walk: Greensboro, NC
Raise money to help support the children or adults who are suffering from Leukemia, who have died from Leukemia or who have survived.

Petite Pirate camp: Greensboro, NC
Helping young girls in k-6 learn how to have fun with cheering and learn strategies with hand motions, dances, tumbling, and stunting.