Looking for work
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Location: Portland, OR, United States
School: Portland Community College
Major: Transfer

Looking for work

Kendall Potts

2013-2014 I have worked at my school’s library, Yakima Adventist Christian School, for the music teacher and librarian, Mrs. Shirley White. I checked books in and out and put them back on their proper shelves, by title, author, and number.
2014-2015 I have worked for Mrs. Shirley White in my school’s music department, Yakima Adventist Christian School, filing choir, band, and praise music sheets. I also clean our school’s computer lab.
2013-2015 I have worked for my school’s first and second grade teacher, Mrs. Tiffany Stratte, grading math papers, typing out the children’s stories, filing papers, putting posters and pictures on her walls and bulletin boards.
February 2016- June 2016 I worked at Upper Columbia Academy, for Pastor Fred Riffle as a grader. I graded and sorted student's papers and cleaned for him.
August 2016- June 2017 I worked at Yakima Adventist Christian School as a Kid-zone Instructor and in Study Hall as a Tutor. I watched the children in grades preschool- 4th as they played games and I helped with their crafts. In Study Hall, I help grades 5-9 with homework. I worked for Mrs. Renae Young, Mrs. Sheron Bell, and Mrs. Julie Gerber.
I am certified in Advanced CPR and first aid.
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