Arnie Boich
Location: Maricopa, AZ, United States
School: Bethel University
Major: Business

Arnie Boich


I would like to work as a Digital Marketing Specialist in the Phoenix, 
 Arizona metro area, where I can use my talents to help promote a company 

so that they can have better public awareness and experience financial growth.

I will bring to your organization a wealth of proficiency in the areas of administrative support and production capabilities. I am a self-motivated and goal oriented team player who has excellent communication skills and a strong work ethic. I am patient, hard working, knowledgeable, a team player, and get along easily with other people.

Education and Projects

1999-2002 Ridgewater College Hutchinson, MN
A.A.S. in Multimedia Design Technology GPA 3.8

The Multimedia Department at Ridgewater College has given me excellent skills for Graphic Design and Computer Animation. I was able to design Websites for Crow River Habitat for Humanity, the Ridgewater College’s Library, and the Drafting and Design Department at the college. I was the project manager of a computer game designed by 7 students, and also designed my own portfolio project to CD, demonstrating my talent at the annual Multimedia Design portfolio show. Programs learned include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier, QuarkXpress, Macromedia Director, Macromedia Flash, and Macromedia Dreamweaver, as well as Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, and Microsoft Power Point, Access, Excel, Word, and FileMaker Pro.

1980-1985 Bethel University Arden Hills, MN

B.A. in Business GPA 3.0

Bethel University gave me an impressive education in the Liberal Arts as well as a solid foundation for the Business world. While at Bethel University, I instituted Bethel’s Indoor Soccer Club as well as established Bethel’s first ever Soccer Hop fundraiser which brought in professional Soccer players from the Minnesota Strikers and also live music from the University’s Orchestra. I also recruited players for the team and promoted the club by creating a team program.

Work Experience

August, 2016 - Current MyCashFinancial Maricopa, AZ

Owner Private Note Investor

I started my own note buying business by working as an independent
 contractor. I searched the internet to acquire potential customers who are
 selling their mortgage note and I send out mailings every month to note
 holders who may want to sell their note. Made phone calls to prospective
 customers and keep track of quote information on an Excel spreadsheet

that I created. Worked with "underwriters" (Note Buyers) by supplying 
 them the needed information in order to create a quote for the note holder. I created a Facebook page ------------
and LinkedIn page ------------ to promote the business 
and also purchased a company website to promote sales. I also used Google 
Adwords and Facebook advertising to generate sales.

Aug. 2007- April,2016 RiteWay Conveyors, Inc. Lester Prairie, MN
Administrative Assistant/Optical Laser Engraver

At RiteWay Conveyors, Inc., my primary job function was to provide administrative 
 support to the RiteWay office. I used Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook and manufacturing software to accomplish this purpose. My other job was Laser Engraving. 
I used the 45 watt Epilog Laser Engraving Machine to engrave products for customers, which included engraving on plastic, wood, acrylic, metal, medals, trophies, glass, 
marble, and various other items. I also used Quickbooks to do all of the purchasing of 
the engraving materials, as well as the invoicing of the products sold, the shipping of 
the products, and the recording of the incoming payments. Besides engraving, I built ------------ as well as maintained it, along with some maintenance of 
our parent company’s website. I also created brochures and ads when needed and did other projects such as upgrading software on computers and using Google Adwords and Facebook advertising to generate sales for the organization.

Volunteer Work
2004 - 2016 Hutchinson United Soccer Association Hutchinson, MN 
 Communications/Digital Marketing Specialist

I served on the Hutchinson United Soccer Association Board since 2004, serving as a Board Member and as their Digital Media Specialist. As their DMS, I built and updated their soccer website ------------ in order to promote the association and to keep the parents, players, coaches, and public informed. I also built a Facebook page at ------------ for the club and used Facebook Advertising and Google Adwords to promote the organization. My other job functions included designing, printing, and distributing the soccer registration form and creating and sending out email blasts to promote the club.

Digital Media Specialist, Stats, Statistics