You have a good story to tell; let me write it for you
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
School: University of South Africa
Major: law

You have a good story to tell; let me write it for you

Good day,
My name is Cebile Dube I am a content creator and freelance writer. I studied languages and creative writing at UC Berkeley in 2017. Before that, I studied for an LLB law degree at the University of Swaziland in 2008. I now help aspirant authors and bloggers by ghost writing their content. I am creative, courageous and have a great sense of duty and work ethic. I credit these abilities to the time spent at university .During that time, I was involved in quite a few activities as a student.
First off, I was part of the university law society, which often hosted debates among member students. I was very happy and proud to be a part of that because it helped me sharpen my verbal communication skills. It also taught me to think on my feet and to be self-confident. I also started dance classes offered by the university. These helped me to manage my time properly and the value of prioritization. The dance lesson were always held in the evenings, which was about the same time that most students would want to have group discussions and studies.
I had to learn to balance everything and to prioritize how I spend my time. The university also gave me opportunities of first time experiences such as international travel. I was part of the school darts team, which then represented the country on an international stage. Then I learned to be independent and to value teamwork. Travelling to a foreign country often makes one feel vulnerable, especially when they do not have a full understanding of the local language. I find that learning to trust oneself when in a foreign land is a strength that cannot be taught in class.
After my studies, I had the task of finding work for myself. With the very limited opportunities in the legal industry, I managed to put my foot in the door though offering to work as a volunteer candidate attorney for a law firm in Johannesburg. That taught me the value of initiative and a strong work ethic. I had to self-motivate every day to go and work when I knew that there would be no pay at the end of the month, and had to find myself an alternative source of income. In that time, I also started a side gig, and that is how I got into writing as a freelancer.
I created profiles with several online platforms, whereby I could write eBooks and articles as a ghost writer. My love for writing has even led me to publish my own books on online platforms such as amazon. My writing business also became my saving grace, when I lost my job as a customer service officer for an automobile company. I now realize the invaluable lessons that I have learned through my experiences on working for companies and working for myself. Now I can confidently state and say that I am a motivated, disciplined and well-spoken self-starter. I now ask that you hire me for this position. I believe that you will find my work to be of a very high caliber, or be I am fired!