Writer / Photographer
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Location: Pompano Beach, FL, USA
School: NYU
Major: English / Art and Design

Writer / Photographer

Terry Davis
Writer / Photographer

Anyone can write a simple sentence. “See Jane run.” Anyone can point a camera and push a button. “Snap.” The trick is to write insightful sentences that move your target audience to action while presenting a strong visual image that stimulates the eye and sells the product.

Objective: To do both.


Modernage Photographic Services, New York City Sr. V.P. in charge of Marketing and Sales

Worked for over 10 years as Sr. Vice President of Marketing and Sales for one of the largest and most prestigious photographic laboratories in the United States. Reviewed marketing research to identify gaps in the marketplace. Created strong marketing plans and presented them to the board of directors. Produced visuals and text for all marketing tools including portfolios for the sales department, company website, sales letters and mass emails. Designed sales pitches and company specific sales presentations. Oversaw all press and promotions, as well as creating and mailing press kits. Made a lot of money for all concerned.

Chromatek Imaging, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Sales / Marketing Mgr.

Came in as part of an effort to reinvent the corporate culture and bring a traditional photographic laboratory into the digital age. Reworked web presence, including website and social media. Put together colorful visuals and compelling text for mass emails exploring and promoting the company’s new digital focus. Took advantage of “free” advertising potential whenever possible. Created a new “FTP Dropsite” and added shipping capabilities, enabling them to do business globally.

WerksCo, Wilton Manors, Florida Copywriter / Content Writer

Took over writing copy and product descriptions for large webstore with thousands of items. Wrote weekly e-newsletter. Created holiday marketing plan. Worked closely with staff photographer to create compelling visual images. Wrote posts for Face Book and other blogs and social media sites. Wrote articles for a number of online magazines to keep the company’s name “out there”. Successful in increasing online and instore sales while expanding brand identity.

Various Artists and Art Galleries Ghost Writer / Copywriter / Photographer

Photographed artwork and created digital portfolios for local artists in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Identified target markets for their work and sent emails to potential galleries, gift shops and museums. Taught classes at ArtServe in Fort Lauderdale on “Marketing for the Arts”.

From the opposite perspective, created custom photography for galleries, exhibit spaces, small museums and art projects to be used as marketing tools. Helped to identify potential audiences who would attend art openings, buy art and / or donate to art projects. Helped to focus on grant opportunities. Created press kits and other marketing tools. Promoted art openings, art projects and both public art and street art. Wrote reviews of art, copy for booklets and playbills, and catalogues where appropriate. Wrote and edited Catalogue Resonne for famed Miami artist, Pervis Young.

Blogs, Online Magazines and Other Writing Opportunities

Have written and published complete articles and reviews for dozens of blogs and online magazines as a means of promoting my clients and their products and services, often under a variety of pen names. Have been quoted and re-blogged often. Have been highly successful in getting clients a strong presence on Google and Google Images by including photography with written copy without major costs to the clients. My clients often include start-up companies, freelancers and small businesses where maximum impact in the marketplace must be combined with low-cost opportunities.

Traditional and / or Digital Press Kits

Able to successfully combine both traditional and digital press kits along with clearly focused querrie letters to get press coverage for products and / or special events. Over the years have garnered millions of dollars in “free” advertising for a tiny fraction of the price. Kits include black and white photography (newspapers) and color photography (magazines) as well as copy that provides the who, what, when, where, and how that the press needs. Kits that include usable photography scaled for their art department needs are 10 times more likely to be published. Advise all my clients to take advantage of press kits and press promotions whenever possible.

Writing Background

BFA in English from New York University
Author of five novels and countless short stories
Editor at Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich for five years in NYC

Photo Background

Richard Avedon’s darkroom assistant
Master Printer / Retoucher for 27 years in NYC
Freelance photographer for Sotherby’s, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Vogue Magazine and many others.
MFA in Exhibit Design, NYU

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