Information Analyst
Science, Technology, and Society
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
University: University of Alberta
Major: Science, Technology, and Society

Information Analyst

Writing Experience:
1. Academic: As part of my major I have studied academic/scholarly writing. Having written a
multitude of papers. I am very efficient at online research via search engines, libraries, and
databases. I have a lot of experience writing argumentative pieces since I took a plethora of
philosophy courses, a discipline which develops writing as a skill. My academic writing
experience extends from philosophy to history to literature to science fiction.
2. Popular Culture: I wrote for a Canadian media website during the summer of 2014:
xxx-xxx-xxxx. I worked as their comic book and comic
book movie content writer. I have been following the field since 2008, keeping close track on
the ever expanding comic book movie universe.
3. Stand Up Comedy: During my last year of university in Canada, I found my way into the
stand-up comedy scene. Since then I have started to learn the process of writing comedy,
developing a style of writing, of performing, creating a unique identity that should reflect in mywriting.
4. Constitution Drafting: As a founding member of the International Students' Association at the
University of Alberta, I was part of the group that drafted the Constitution of this group.
Other Experience:
1. The Walt Disney Company, India (Summer 2012): Intern, Trade Marketing Department.
During this period of employment, I worked with other departments such as Retail, Sales,
and Publishing. Together we worked on marketing, distribution, and release merchandise and
home media (DVDs/Blu-Rays) for Disney properties such as The Hunger Games, Amazing
Spider-Man, and The Avengers. I was part of the team working on the marketing, distribution,
and launch of The Wall, a biography of Indian Cricket legend Rahul Dravid. I also worked on
an outreach project where we approached day-care centres and preschools with new line of
educational Disney books.
2. Residence Services, University of Alberta, Edmonton (Sept 2012-May 2014): As an RA, I
built a community of (mainly) first year residents each year through facilitation of floor
programs and team building exercises. I supervised the floor in terms of programming,
academics, conflicts between residents, disciplinary issues, and maintained a record of floor
health (physical and mental). I also worked with other RAs on a team and planned tower wide
programs throughout the academic year(s). As a team we also maintained an on-call schedule
where we took turns in making rounds of the towers, taking action in case of disciplinary issues,
and emergencies.
3. Panel Moderation: On October 3rd, 2013 I hosted and moderated the CAPS Philosophy
Career Forum at the University of Alberta where a panel of alumni and current professors spoke
to potential and current philosophy students.Skills:
1. Research. I am excellent at researching and procuring news articles, scholarly papers, obscure
webpages, videos. I understand how search engines and databases work. My Wikipedia game is
on point.
2. Wide knowledge base that encompasses: international issues, politics, policy, economics, arts,
culture, history, philosophy, psychology, science, technology, music, film, TV, literature. I have
always possessed the curiosity to learn and possess knowledge.
3. Quick, logical, analytical thinker. I am quick to think on my feet and translate those thoughts
into words. My decision making process is quite rational and logical.
4. I'm a vocalist and guitarist. I play and sing blues/rock music. My ideal voice range is that of
AC/DC, Guns 'N Roses, Led Zeppelin, but I also rock Eric Clapton (my guitar god) and B.B.
5. I can talk very well, for long amounts of time. I can monologue without topic (sometimes to the
chagrin of others) but still make it interesting and not drone on. I often find one topic leads to
another and hence there is no dearth of topics to talk about, ever.
6. Because of my field of study, I am very good at translating very complicated scientific
phenomenon down to the layperson's level.
7. Since I have been collecting comic books since 2007, I am very well versed in comic book
history, character information, costume variations, reboots, alternate versions, transmedia comic
book franchises etc. I am an uber nerd born of the internet age.
8. Most important skill of all: I am a progressive, liberal, feminist. A 21st century person who
fights for the underdog, who believes in constant improvement and reflection through art. I call
this a skill because it is something one can learn, just like I did.
Hobbies and Interests:
1. Music: Anything before the '80s pop revolution really. Guitar oriented, bluesy, rock 'n roll sounds.
2. Comic Books and Science Fiction: Ask me anything about DC and Marvel. I can draw too.
3. Science and Technology News: Because actual science is too damn difficult.
4. Questioning Authority: I like to find out the rationale behind rules, policies, laws before I
follow them blindly.
5. Futurism: I'm interested in (saving) the future because it's all we've got.
6. Movies and TV shows.

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