ZagRodny Resume
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Location: San Luis Obispo, CA, USA
School: San Diego State University
Field of Study: Marketing and Theatre

ZagRodny Resume


To strengthen my skills through experience in public relations and creative communication, to act on my passion for culture and trends, and to build strategic connections that create opportunities for my future.

Relevant Skills

Excellent Communication:
- Currently serving as a tour guide, orientation leader, and official representative of San Diego State University where I introduce new and prospective students to the school, striving for an inspiring connection and impactful experience with each interaction.
- Studied in advanced level written communication courses, achieving the highest writing assessment score at my university.
- Created the primary social media account for my high school drama club that has remained intact and relevant for the last four years, reaching hundreds of students and community members.
- Managed the wait times, reservations, and guest relations of a popular local upscale restaurant, dealing with hundreds of guests each night.

Media Fluency:
- Native to social media; particularly fond of Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, TikTok, and Facebook.
- Trained in Microsoft Excel and Office through college coursework in management information systems.
- Excited about creative software including, and not limited to, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe Illustrator.

Passion for Creativity:
- Directed two musicals that both boasted the highest ticket sales for their seasons and gained notoriety and support throughout the community.
- Stage managed a cast of over 20 actors through the San Diego State University School of Theatre, Television, and Film.
- Interned at the San Luis Obispo Repertory Theatre and gained hands on experience on both the creative and managerial sides of choosing and telling stories.

San Diego State University - Expected Graduation Spring 2022
Double Majoring in Marketing and Theatre Arts
San Luis Obispo High School - Graduated Class of 2018

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