Yuseli Santana
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Location: New York, NY, USA
School: Bronx Community College
Major: Human Services

Yuseli Santana

Hello! Good Evening!

My name is Yuseli Santana, but my name might still show up as Kenya Powell due to me legally changing my name. But social security is taking more time to complete everything on their end. But I can bring in documents of proof of my name change that has a finalized stamp, birth certificate and anything else that may be needed. The reason I am interested in working this position is because of course, my love for animals! I love all animals and I’m a mix of a dog lover and cat lover. I love to show animals the love they deserve, especially animals who sadly don’t receive love and come from sad and hurtful homes. It feels so great to bring love to them, and show them that someone does care for them. A lot of people do. Animals are so therapeutic that I feel working with animals is honestly one of the best jobs you can have. Especially when you’re in a environment with other people animals spread their cuteness and love around and makes everything just an amazing and positive environment. I am available to start a week after the interview. I prefer the morning shift of 7AM- 11AM. I prefer to work at the site Happy Dogs Long Island city, because I live close to 15 minutes away from that location. I would prefer a part- time job now, and then build up to working a full time job. Only because I want to learn more through the process of working with pets. I cannot really predict my future, so I do not want to make false agreements upon staying for a year. But I am very passionate about my past jobs, and I have a passionate heart for working. But in good Faith, I can make the commitment.

Punctual, Great Multitasker, Adaptability to new challenges, Hardworking, Motivated to learn,