Yinneboma Peterson's Resume
General Education, Arts/Film
Location: Nevada City CA, USA
School: Sierra College
Major: General Education, Arts/Film

Yinneboma Peterson's Resume

Yinneboma Amaoh Peterson
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I wrote and gave a speech at my 2016 High School Graduation at Bitney College Prep High School.

Nevada City School of The Arts
August 20th 2003 To June 4th 2012

Bitney College Prep High School
August 20th, 2012 to June 6th, 2016

Sierra College Nevada County Campus
August 23rd 2016 To May 23rd 2019
Field of Study – Film, Art/Arts, and Animation.

Academy of The Arts University San Francisico
June 10th, 2019 To 2020
Degree in Animation
School of Animation & Visual Effects
Degree in Film
School of Motion Pictures & Television

Sacramento State University
To Be Determined, Still deciding when to start.

(I have over 53 jobs throughout my life so far, I have worked everyday of my life, I have more jobs to show, just ask. This is only a short version of my resume. my resume spans 30+ pages.)

YouTuber & YouTube
February 9th, 2010 to Present
I was a YouTuber for YouTube and got eventually got paid for my videos and creativity on YouTube.

Self-Employed Programmer, Coder, & Computer Scientist
April 13th, 2013 To Present
I programmed, coded, and designed software and build websites for clients and got jobs and work in computer science.

Self-Employed Website Designer and Builder
July 1th, 2014 To Present
I create, build, design, code, and program websites for clients people and organizations alike.

Cook & Team Member at Burger King
August 28th, 2019 to January 21st, 2020
I was a cook in the kitchen making and preparing the food for customers throughout the day. I cleaned the restaurant and took out the trash and washed dishes and trash pick up outside tidying up making sure everything was nice and neat for busy.

Cashier & Employee at Ben Franklin Crafts & Frames
July 9th, 2016 to January 7th, 2018
I worked at Ben Franklin has a cashier and Customer Service helping the customers with whatever they needed and making sure they have the best service and experience.

Assistant Manager At Jack in The Box
January 7th, 2016 to June 27th, 2016
I was assistant Manager of Jack In the box and was part of the leadership team and lead, guided, trained workers and assistant the restaurant manager in operations of the restaurant from day to day. I handled payroll and the money and open and closed the dinning room of restaurant; the drive thru stays open 24hrs. I did everything I needed to do as an assistant manager and that was needed of me. I took charge whenever the restaurant manager was in or working as was my job and more.

Waiter & Cook at Lake Wild Wood Restaurant
January 10th 2013 to June 14th, 2014
I was a waiter and cook at Lake Wild Wood.

Maintenance Crew at Lake Wild Wood
March 6th, 2013 to November 19th, 2015
I managed and maintained Lake Wild Wood Community as a member of the maintenance crew.

Sales Associate, Cashier & Lumberyard Employee B & C True Values Hardware Store
September 17th, 2012 to April 10th, 2014
I was a Sale Associate and Cashier and Lumberyard worker at B & C True Values Hardware Store. I worked up front at the counters taking money and making sales and handling change and being the face of B & C helping the customers with anything they needed. I also worked in the lumberyard doing all kinds of outside jobs like lumber, concrete, garden supplies, and so much more.

Usher & Cashier at Cinemark Movie Theater
June 2nd, 2015 to September 9th, 2015
I was an Usher & Cashier at Cinemark.

Cashier & Employee at Sierra College Bookstore
August 20th, 2016 to May 22nd, 2017
I worked in the bookstore at Sierra College doing inventory and shipments and doing orders and in the back and in the store at the counter helping customers with anything they needed and doing cashier duties.

Employee at TJ’s Auto Spa
I helped on the cars and vehicles as an assistant and mechanic in training.

Worker at Nevada City Candy Store
February 17th, 2010 To September 11th, 2012
I worked in the store as a cashier handling the money and making change and worked in the ice cream section, scooping ice cream and I clean the store and open and closed occasionally.
Cook, Cashier, Driver Thru, and Team Member at KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken

March 14th, 2013 to August 15th, 2015
I mainly worked in the kitchen cooking the food and preparing all the food products that go with them. I worked up front in both Drive thru and front counter taking the orders and handling the money and making change. I cleaned the restaurant and outside when they needed me to, making sure everything was in tip top shape for customers and the business.

Intern Nevada City Television Digital media Center
November 2012 To October 2016
I Assistant with Promos, I operated the Cameras and The Tricaster for broadcast shows. I did some fieldwork, occasional TV spots for them from business Donors. I used IMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Creative Software.

Intern Nevada City Film Festival June to September 2014
I Learn the Business and Promotion end of the Filmmaking Industry. Writing a Press Release, Social Media Sites, Gathering & Sending Information.

Volunteer The Wild & Scenic Film Festival January 2014 2015
I learn mostly by talking to all the Filmmakers who came into the VIP Lounge and asked them about making there films and asked them questions. I worked the food and drinks in the lounge.

Intern KVMR Radio Station September To June 2015
I learn Music Production and Audio & Sound editing with Audacity, I have studied under several Dj’s & Radio Broadcasters the first of which was Hap Hazard A.K.A George Gist. I have podcast shows for KVMR’s website and created playlists from each DJ for the KVMR YouTube Channel. This Internship has given me a deeper understanding into the world of broadcast radio & Music production and it has given me available experience of the working and meeting new exciting people under them.

Student Teacher at Bitney College Prep High School January 25th 2016 to June 25th 2016
I was the Film/Digital Video Production Student Teacher at Bitney College Prep High School teaching them how to make professional grade A films to show to the school and the outer community. I taught them Camera Techniques, Script writing Story building, and Lighting, sound and set building and many more tasks that go into Filmmaking.

Dishwasher at Fred’s Szechuan Chinese Restaurant
May 2018 to September 2018
I was a dishwasher and I worked in the kitchen doing whatever they needed done and I was a bus boy.

Employee at Asylum Down & Yabobo 2015
I worked downstairs moving and doing physical labor.

Self-Employed Artist
I create and work on my own pieces of art, for the love of the craft. I am a wordsmith and Blacksmith, set builder, and prop builder as well.

Self-Employed Writer & Screenplay Writer
I am a writer, I love to write and tell stories, Poetry, short stories, books, comics, novel and narration. Film scripts, TV scripts and much, much more.

Self-Employed Animator & Cartoonist
I love animation ever since I was young and I love doing it drawing, storyboarding, writing and animating my own short animated videos and someday I hope to too break into feature film animation and do my own animated film work.

Self-Employed Filmmaker & Photography
I film, take photos and edit films, videos and photos for the love of the craft.

All Art forms, Painting, sculpting etc. Writing, Storyboarding, Filmmaking, Video Editing, Photography Directing, Screenwriting, Graphic Design, Lighting, Sound, Set Design & Set construction, Adobe Creative Cloud Software, Green Screen work, Drawing, Sewing, wood working, prop making, Blacksmithing and I have so much more skills I have learned and collected over the years.

Places Travel:
I go and travel a lot of places with my mom for her business and work. Such as Bali Indonesia, Africa, Morocco, Taipei, Jamaica, Japan, London, Australia, San Francisico, Seattle, Los Angles, Yearly to the Northern California Renaissance Fair and The Southern California Renaissance Faire. My mom does the Oregon Country Fair, LA Gift Show, Seattle Gift Show, San Francisco Gift Show, The Flower & Garden Gift Show, the list of fairs, shows and festivals go on so does the places we have traveled over the years since I was a baby.

People of Recommendations
Knights of The Realm Troupe Lance Solo ------------ ------------

Dave Peterson (No relation) Bitney College Prep High School Dean of Academy Affairs ------------

Community Involvement
The Nevada City Sierra Mushroom Expo Festival
Synthetic unlimited Community Theater
The Elk’s Lodge In Grass valley
The Wild & Scenic Film Festival
Play House Too Preschool/Daycare