Yibei Zhang's Resume
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Location: Fort Collins, CO, USA
School: Colorado State University
Field of study: English

Yibei Zhang's Resume

Yibei Zhang 张依北
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Bachelor of Arts in English, Fort Collins, CO Summer 2016-Summer 2020
Concentration: Creative Writing, Non-fiction
Colorado State University


Community Literacy Intern, Larimer County Jail, Fort Collins, CO September 2019-May 2020
• Facilitate weekly creative writing workshops in different writing styles such as poems, essays, stories, music lyrics to 15+ men in Larimer County Jail to encourage self-expression and freedom.
• Supervise 3 volunteers through weekly meetings to develop curriculum for weekly workshop, focusing on practicing different techniques and strategies for workshop plans.
• Coordinate with 7 other interns during bi-weekly meetings related to workshop concerns, community outreach, assessment for training manual to prepare new volunteers for the work ahead.
• Serve as a leader during workshops, maintaining group dynamics by listening and giving responses to ensure that all the writers feel respected and inspired to share their work.
• Assist new volunteers during training, providing mock workshops and feedbacks for incoming volunteers to better understand the focus of the workshop.
• Help organizing writers’ works, circulating works and ideas by publishing biannual literary journal.

Student Ambassador, CSU INTO, Fort Collins, CO August 2017-August 2020
Bilingual in Mandarin Chinese and English
• Provide translation services to support international students and serve as the first point of contact for students at the Welcome Desk to help everyone feel welcomed and empowered.
• Assist with orientation process and provided college survival skills such as time management and study skills.
• Serve as a liaison between students, admissions, and faculty members by communicating ideas such as scheduling appointments, creating student surveys, and gathering student feedback.
• Plan education, entertainment, and diverse programs such as Hot Pot and Talk, Poetry Writing Workshop, and Halloween Party to connect students from Middle East and Asia and encourage student involvement.
• Utilize language skills and cultural backgrounds to collaborate with INTO China, leading Chinese Webinar to answer questions from incoming Chinese students about academic and living experience at INTO CSU.

Poetry Workshop Facilitator, Remington House, Fort Collins, CO October 2017-May 2018
• Help create alternative literacy opportunities in order to heal and empower youth at risk.
• Facilitated Poetry Workshop for underserved populations to practice and improve their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills by creating lesson plans and commenting on writers’ creative work.

English Teacher, Access Hong Kong, Rainbow Primary School, Hong Kong July 2016-August 2016
• Commit to help underprivileged children in Hong Kong, strived to break through inequality and deprivation so that they can achieve their full potential.
• Collaborate with 3 other volunteers to create a series of lesson plans to 20 + elementary students from underrepresented backgrounds to boost the students’ confidence and interest in learning.

Social Media Ambassador, CSU INTO, Fort Collin, CO September 2018-Present
• Promote campus events on social media story such as Instagram and Facebook, increasing students’ involvement of campus activities
• Write blog posts about international students’ experience such as transitioning to CSU and maintaining communication skills to encourage student involvement.

Culture Presenter, CSU Global Ambassador Program, Fort Collins, CO January 2018-Present
• Promote international education by presenting Chinese culture to students in elementary, middle, and high schools.

Research Assistant, CSU Psychology Research Lab/CSU Health and Exercise Science Department
• Handle activities and procedures in Graham Lab such as arranging lab equipment, managing data collections, following up with 100+ participants’ results to ensure the organization of lab.
• Create brochure for the Graduate School of Health and Exercise Science Program at CSU’s Undergraduate Showcase to recruit more international students for the program.

Chinese Language Partner, CSU Language and Culture Department September 2019-December 2019
• Help American students who were studying Chinese language practice Chinese and do well in Chinese class

Rocky Mountain Writing Center Conference Presenter, Denver, CO March 2019
• Plan and presented about the Community Literacy Center at CSU, demonstrated program principles, model workshop practices, and highlighted community voice.

Career Opportunity Panelist, CSU Chinese Student Association, Fort Collis, CO October 2018
• Provide on-campus job opportunities and personal working experience to Chinese students who were struggling during job searching on campus

Child Activity Facilitator, Mexicali, Mexico April 2015
• Work with 50+ underprivileged children to provide them a better global perspective


Published Writer, Greyrock Review, CSU English Department, Fort Collins, CO May 2019
Full Marathon Finisher, The Colorado Marathon, Fort Collins, CO May 2018