Work Experience
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Location: Boulder, Colorado, USA
School: The University of Colorado Boulder
Major: Film with a technical in Graphics

Work Experience

Feb. 2019 – Present: Freelancer
-Account Executive/Graphic Designer/Social Media Managment-
As a freelancer I have taken on many different projects and roles. With each new
client has come new learning experience. My level of projects has changed from
large marketing projects that need managing to designing and branding
companies my self.

Feb. 2018 – June 2019: TEEM Marketing
-Executive Account Coordinator/Account Executive-
As an Account Coordinator and Account Executive I worked to maintain and
produce high levels of work as efficiently as possible. While working to
troubleshoot issues that arised I also managed freelancers, project timelines and
budgets for our accounts. One of my biggest assets that I have developed has
been the ability to convay what the client wants to those working on the projects.
My background and advanced experience with AI, InDesign, Photoshop and other
major marketing tools allows me to fill gaps and express the needs of the client
in a way those without could not.

May 2017 – Dec 2017: HICKIE AND HICKIE, LIMITED (Now known as PAGE)
- Account Director/Graphic Designer/Branding -
Englands market may be different but it has allowed me to learn a lot. My time
there, although short, taught me the value in branding and messaging. Working
directly with some of the best creative directors around I not only learned about
how branding and messaging works in a different market but how to work with
clients to create a brand which really matches them. This job helped me learn
values in listening to clients requests and how to match those, rather than going
directly with your own view of things. While here I also worked with printing
production, this was with letters, flyers, books, banners, large posters, and even
products. I was a part of every step, design, working with the printers to the final
products being pushed out.

Jan 2011 – Oct 2018: APEX Movement
- Senior Director of Clients and Accounts/
Head of Marketing Daily Operations Manager -
My time with APEX Movement involved me designing social media campaigns
and heading up all forms of marketing for not only the local Louisville but for
their 6 other locations spread around Colorado and California. I worked directly
with a small team internally creating a marketing structure that would be used for
each individual market location. I worked as well as a daily operations manager
helping the Louisville facility run efficiently and easily while keeping customers
happy as well as other staff members. My time with them was long and involved
many different types of jobs including but not limited to an event coordinator for
two of the largest parkour competitions in the United States. Coordinating these
events involved me not just constructing the events but also creating targeted
marketing plans to get the best reach.

Sept 2017 – Present: The Brandsmen
- Account Coordinator/Digital Media-Marketing Coordinator-
The high paced world of marketing and advertising doesn’t slow down even for
the smaller companies. With The Brandsmen I worked to not only as a freelancer
but also as a fulltime Digital Manager wearing many different hats. Although I
mainly worked to help coordinate the needs of the client with our network of
contractors, I also would work with my own set of design skills to help brand,
market, create content and so much more. One of my biggest set skills learned
from my time with The Brandsmen was the ability to run and manage social media
accounts for clients. With my ability to create content this was a role I took on
with ease.

Social media