Wilson Sosna Resume
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Location: Arlington, MA, USA
School: Syracuse University
Field of study: Political Science

Wilson Sosna Resume

Wilson Li Sosna
Arlington MA 02476 ------------- - ------------
Syracuse University
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Minor in Writing, 2022
-International Relations
-Political Analysis

General Bio lecture and lab
-Multiple Dissections of frogs, fetal pigs, and various fish.
-Skilled with a basic light microscope.
-Experience in using gel electrophoresis.
-Skilled in buffer preparation
-Multiple experiences using titration to separate acids and bases.

Research Assistant - Syracuse University October 2018-March 2019
- Assisted Dr. Bruce Hudson on physical chemistry research regarding barbituric acid. We determined the difference in
heat between the keto, and mono enol forms of the acid.
- Spent time using advanced laboratory equipment such as calorimeters, and I also learned how to use scientific literature
databases like pubmed, and scifinder.
- The research was presented in New York City at the ICCOSS conference.

Public Relations and Marketing Director - Residence Hall Association September 2019-Present
- Responsible for organizing dorm events in Watson Hall, Haven Hall, and Washington Arms Hall.
- In charge of running a social media account for informing students about said events.
- Part of the Residence hall council. The council meets every Tuesday to discuss progress and plans within each residence

Head lifeguard - Arlington Recreation Department June 2015-Present
- Managed the schedules of other lifeguards, and supervised their shifts for a team of 25 lifeguards.
- Helped maintain the facilities. I set up safety equipment, and ensured that the facilities were clean in conjunction with
the maintenance team.

Packager - 3DekorLLC December 2019-January
-Responsible for packing and unpacking shipments of packages. Volunteer Service

Co-Founder of BitWise coding club-Syracuse University RSO (Registered Student Organization)
-A club founded by myself and a friend. Created for the purpose of helping struggling coders with their projects and
-I was responsible for planning club events, contacting faculty, and meeting with new club members.

Arlington Boys and girls club
-I volunteered at my local boys and girls club from 2015-Present day. I am well known around the club and have held
many responsibilities such as overseeing swimming lessons, and taking care of children at the club.

Syracuse University Freshfest Mentor
-I was a mentor for new students at Syracuse University through the freshfest pre orientation program.
-Taught them how to adjust to college life and the school culture at Syracuse.

Syracuse University Food Recovery Network
-Took uneaten food from university cafes and dining halls around to people/organizations in need.